Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF

Fruit, meat and cheeseCWF is an awesome trip available to 4-H'ers ages 15-19 that have completed 9th grade.  This trip is offered every 2 years in Buffalo Co. as a living/learning experience in citizenship.  Buffalo Co. 4-H'ers travel by bus with 4-H'ers from other nearby counties to Washington DC.  En route they spend approx. 6 days visiting cities & sites along the way. The time spent in Washington DC includes workshops, seminars, and field trips to historical sites. This trip is expensive - approx. $2,900, however, you will see more in 2 weeks than ever imagined.  The group will do fundraisers to help defray some of this cost.  Please contact the Buffalo County Extension Office at 308-236-1235 if interested.  If you are a younger 4-H'er and might want to consider going on a future trip, please let us know as we will put your name on the list and you can start fundraising. 

If you would like to support the 4-H'ers selling fruit, cheese, and meat, please contact one of them.  The fundraising will conclude on November 12 with delivery of the items in early December.  If you don't know a 4-H'er selling, you can use our general account which will be divided equally among everyone.  The link is  Please contact the Extension Office if you have any questions.  308-236-1235