YQCA Training

YQCA Training Available Online or In Person

YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) training is required for all fair exhibitors in beef, dairy cattle, meat goat, dairy goat, sheep, swine, rabbits, and poultry. Certification can be earned by web-based training, instructor-led training, or test-out certification.  To register for the training, go to https://yqcaprogram.org/, go to 'More Info', select 'Youth and Parents', and go down to the 'Help Video: Instructor-led Training'. The video shows you the steps to log in or register, purchase a course, take the pre-test, attend the training, and how to find your certificate when you are finished. Printed instructions are also available at the office. Coupons are available to pay the full cost of the instructor-led training ($3.00), or this can be applied to an online course.

If you were unable to attend the instructor-led courses in Boone and Nance counties, another course will be scheduled in Antelope County at a later date to be determined.

Call in today for a coupon code prior to registration!