Enrollment Time for 4-H.   By enrolling, youth have the opportunity to participate in county fairs, the Nebraska State Fair, and additional statewide events and events. Club and project leaders must also enroll through 4-H Online each year.

There is no state-level fee for officially enrolling. However, some counties or clubs may implement their own annual fees. Additionally, each county implements their own enrollment deadlines. Please contact your local 4-H office for more information.

In Nebraska, 1 in 3 age-eligible youth across all 93 counties is enrolled in 4-H, for a total enrollment reaching approximately 140,000 youth. These youth, ages 5-18, participate in 4-H through camps, clubs, school enrichment, and afterschool programs organized by Nebraska Extension. The citizens of Nebraska help shape the 4-H Youth Development program prioritiesNebraska 4-H prepares young people for successful futures. Educational programs place strong emphasis on life skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, social skills, communication, responsibility, citizenship, and leadership.  Through 4-H, youth serve as role models in their community and have the chance to learn and meet people from across their county, state, and country. For over 100 years, youth and adults have been serving, working, and learning together through 4-H.

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