Important Deadlines & Dates to Remember

July 17-23 Horticulture Online Google Form Opens - Floriculture Link  -   Horticulture Link
if you pre-enrolled for this project on 4-H online you will receive an email with google
link or see july newsletter
 July 24 Fair Cleanup - Only have one night of cleanup 6:30 pm @ the Fairgrounds
July 27 Dog, Cat and Companion Animal Show see current fairbook for times
July 28 Entry Day for Photography, Clothing, Quilts and Fashion Show this includes Barn Quilts
July 23 Horticulture Online Google Form Due July 23 Google Form Due July 23
July 31 @ Noon Extension Staff will be at the Fairgrounds - Office closes at NOON  
July 31 Extension Office Closed - Staff at the fairgrounds
July 28 Horticulture Entry Tags Ready for pick up Tags will be at the Fairgrounds
July 31 1st year Bucket Calf Record Books Due Noon Due by Noon @ Extension Office
July 31 to Aug 7 Extension Office Closed - Staff will be at the County Fair Closing by Noon July 31
August 3 2nd year Buck Calf Record Books Due 8:00 am 8am @ the Livestock Arena Announcer Stand
August 7 Post Fair Clean Up  6:30pm