The Learning Child

Lynn DeVries, MS

Learning Child Extension Educator

Adams County

 What is The Learning Child? 

The Learning Child Team (TLC) of Extension Educators is committed to enhancing the capacity of Nebraska’s communities in supporting the healthy growth, development and success of young children. TLC provides research based, responsive, innovative, trusted and easily accessible resources and programming to early childhood professionals and families of children birth to age eight.

 Highlights of Adams County Events involving Clover Kids

Co-parenting for Successful Kids is a research based education class designed to help separating and divorcing parents cope with divorce and custody.  The goal of the class is to develop respectful, responsive and responsible co-parenting, and is approved by the  Nebraska Supreme Court basic (level one) parenting class mandated for parents experiencing separation, custody and divorce. The class is offered on site at  four locations in Nebraska.  Lynn DeVries teaches the course at the Grand Island location, and serves as an on-line facilitator.

Co-parenting for Successful Kids website with on-line class information:

The Business of Childcare is a  management training program for childcare directors.  This course meets the childcare licensing requirements developed by the Early Childhood Training Center for the state of Nebraska Childcare licensing.

Go Nutrition and Physical Activity Self- Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) is designed to promote healthy child development by supporting healthy eating and physical activity for the children in your care. Go NAP SACC focuses on 5 main health areas: breastfeeding & infant feeding, child nutrition, infant & child physical activity, outdoor play & learning and screen time. It is designed for providers that care for children from the ages of birth to 5 years old.

Circle of Security™-Parenting is an 8-week parenting program based on years of research about how to build a strong relationship with your children. It is designed to help you learn how to respond to your child’s needs in a way that enhances your connection with him, which often leads to changes in the child’s behavior. Circle of Security™-Parenting helps parents give their childrena feeling of security and confidence so they can explore, learn, grow and build positive relationships; all essential skills for life-long success.