Since the inception of the Nebraska 4-H Quilts of Valor Challenge in 2011, 4-H youth and volunteers have created and donated at least 190 quilts to the National Quilts of Valor Foundation.  The National Quilt of Valor website values each quilt at $250 resulting in Nebraska 4-H donating $47,500 worth of quilts for this patriotic service project.   Each quilt is "awarded" to a soldier/veteran touched by war.  Thank you notes from Afghanistan ICU nurses state the quilts have been "proudly worn" during Purple Heart Ceremonies.  The video of a soldier laying under a Quilt of Valor saluting his commanding officer went viral and can be found at

On December 20, 2013 the Kaiserlautern (Germany) USO wrote a letter thanking Nebraska 4-H for their amazingly beautiful handmade quilts and matching pillow cases in support of our proud and gallant warriors that transit through Ramstein Air Base. The wounded that arrive at Ramstein are generally transferred to Landsthul Air Force Base for treatment –“ the largest military hospital outside of the U.S. 
"We cannot thank you enough for making and sending such beautiful quits as part of the Quilts of Valor organization.  We can't even imagine how much time and effort it takes to make these quilts, but they are absolutely beautiful, and clearly made with lots of love. 
We put some of them couches in our living-room-style lounge so soldiers can see and choose one when they come in.  In some cases, we have litter patients, and we put the pillow cases on the litter pillow and the quilts on those stretchers.  The wounded soldiers lay on those stretchers for the whole 10 hours flying back to the USA and it gets cold on the C17 plane.  Your quilts are beautiful and also very useful." 

To learn more, Google the 86th CASF Ramstein for a short mission video and check out the CASF USO Germany Facebook page.  Photo albums on June 26th and July 20th spotlight Quilts of Valor. Thank you again 4-Hers, families and volunteers.    

 Below is a photo of Taylor Hargis, a wounded Army Ranger giving a salute after receiving a Quilts of Valor quilt donated by a NE 4-Her.

2019 the Nebraska 4-H Quilts of Valor Challenge will continue.  Click here for guidelines.
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