Welcome to Adams County 4-H!! 

2019 Adams County 4-H Fair

Dates: July 17 through July 21

Fashion Show and Modeling: Wednesday, July 10

Clothing Construction, Food Revue Contest, FCS Judging Contest: Friday, July 12

Static Entry Day: Monday, July 15

Livestock Entry Day: Tuesday, July 16

4-H Livestock Auction: Monday, July 22

2018 Adams County 4-H Fairbook 

  Hard copies are available at the Extension Office

2019 Post Fairbook Release Updates

Lancaster County has prepared a great PDF on How to Prepare Photographs for Exhibit in 4-H at Fair

2019 Nebraska State Fair

Dates: August 23 thru Sept. 2nd

2019 State Fair Livestock and In Person Entry is not open at present!  Families please go to NE State Fair Entry  Must be completed online by August 10th by the family.  See the current NE State Fair Book for details.

2019 Adams County 4-H Enrollment Deadlines:

October 29, 2018 - Families can begin enrolling for 2019

February 14, 2019 last day for Adams County 4-H Families 

 March 31, 2019 last day for Late Enrollment for Adams County 4-H Families

For further details or questions please contact the Extension Office

Animal Science Series 2019

Nebraska Extension is inviting you to participate in Animal Science Series. This is a group for youth (ages 10 - 18 as of Jan 1, 2019) that have an interest in livestock. Species covered are beef cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and poultry. Youth will explore topics of genetics, nutrition, meats, management, equipment, and others. The ending event will be the Premier Animal Science Events (PASE), held in Lincoln, NE on campus June 17th and 18th.  Youth will be able to participate in Quiz Bowl or Skill-a-thon, Meats Judging or Poultry Judging, and Livestock Judging.

This series is open to Adams and Webster County youth. We are currently recruiting for those that want to participate. Youth may join 4-H in either Adams or Webster county to participate. To begin receiving information – please contact the Extension Office.

Thank you, Beth Janning

Geocaching in Adams County 4-H

 Nebraska 4-H Online

Summer Workshops and Clinics for 2019

Information will be coming soon.

The workshops range from Computer Coding to Home Environment to Electric and Woodworking.  Want to have fun while learning new things.  Join us at a workshop that is interesting to you.

 4-H Club of the Month

The Nebraska 4-H Foundation along with the Nebraska 4-H Ambassadors have put together a new program for Nebraska 4-H Clubs. Any 4-H club can nominate themselves to be the "Club of the Month" by the second Friday of the month. Each month, a winner with be chosen and will receive a $50 cash card from the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and a certificate which can be displayed. Also, the Club of the Month's story will be displayed on the 4-H Foundation's website, Facebook and Twitter and a news release will be sent out to their local newspaper. Nomination forms can be found here
Please send the nomination forms to: ne4hambassadors@unl.edu


Adams County 4-H Newsletters 

Nebraska 4-H Spotlight Newsletters


Adams and Clay County Day Camp

Prefair Entries Instruction and Samples

Static and Contests Entry Fillable Form

Animals/Livestock Entry Fillable Form

Quality Assurance (YQCA) Training (follow instructions on website)

 4-H Club Resources

 4-H Club News Reporter Fillable Form

 4-H Year Book - Planning Sheet for 4-H Members

Shopping In Style Fillable Form with Narration

Ice Cream In A Bag and Ice Cream In A Can Recipes

Animal ID Affidavits and Guidelines

Dog Obedience Class Rules & Schedule

2019 Adams County 4-H Family Handbook

2019 4-H Available Project Listing in Adams County

2019 Adams County Pick-A-Project and Contests

Nebraska 4-H Program/Project Resources

ReEnrollment 4H Online Instructions for Youth & Volunteers

New Family (Initial) 4H Online Enrollment Instructions with visuals

New Volunteer Enrollment Instructions

State Fair Livestock Testing Requirements

County Fair Entry Tips for Vegetables and Flowers

NE Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit 4H226

NE Preparing Cut Flowers 4H227


Bucket Calf Project References Part A

Bucket Calf Project References Part B

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Reference Manual (provided by Florida Extension)

Interview Judging Contest Resource

Project Record Books

Light Horse Project Record Book

4-H Project Record Book

Adams County 4-H Shooting Sports Project Record Book

4-H Animal Project Record Book

Companion Animal Project Record Book

Bucket Calf Project 1 Yr Manual and Record Book Fillable Form

Bucket Calf Project 2 Yr Record Book Fillable Form

Clover Kids Record Book


4-H Council Happenings!

2016 Council Agendas and Minutes
2015 Council Agendas and Minutes

The Possible Awards Are: 

Nebraska 4-H Annual Achievement Application

This is a new application process being piloted in 2018 that will be used for the selection of State and national awards including the selection of delegates to National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference.  You may either submit this application or the Career Portfolio. You do not need to do both.

Career Portfolio

Compete for County Awards and possibly State Awards

District Award Information and Application

County Award Entry Form

Diamond Clover

Great award to show progress throughout 4-H Career!
Application Information


Golden Clover

Golden Clover Application Criteria

Golden Clover Application

 4-H Achievement Awards

2016 4-H Achievement Award Winners

2012 4-H Achievement Award Winners
2011 4-H Achievement Award Winners


Fair Results

2014 Adams County Fair Results
2013 Adams County Fair Results
 2012 Adams County Fair Results
2011 Adams County Fair Results