4-H Maker to Go & More!

We are excited to share with you two upcoming “Maker to Go” and “New Year… New 4-H Maker Challenge” events for our 4-H members and friends. 


4-H Maker to Go – Tie Dye your Mask!

This “Maker to Go” is open to any youth 5 – 18 years as of Jan 1, 2021.  Families will register the number of kits needed (one kit per child) by calling the Adams County Extension Office (402-461-7209) or registering online at: HTTPS://GO.UNL.EDU/TIEDYE . The kit includes: 5 masks, 2 bottles of dye and rubber-bands. Families must register by Monday, December 21 at noon. Pick-up will be December 22nd and 23rd from the Adams County Extension Office.


New Year… New 4-H Maker Goose Chase Challenge

This “New 4-H Maker” is open to families to organize teams and complete the 16 simple but fun STEM challenges.  Missions will use Legos, toothpicks, marshmallows, marbles and more.  Download the “Goose Chase App”, use the game code “DDKXQ6”, and password “4-HMaker”.  The game will be open from December 18th – January 5th.  We can’t wait to see all that you design & build! No previous experience needed!


Keep checking in for more 4-H Maker fun!


Beth & Julie