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Youth Entrepreneurship Clinics

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Fostering innovation by connecting high school students and local business owners.

Youth Entrepreneurship Clinics Overview

The program fosters collaboration between high school students and local business owners. In this innovative inquiry-based learning model, youth and business owners reverse typical roles. Business owners report challenges they've faced in their businesses, and youth design solutions for these real-world problems. High school participants learn the entrepreneurial processes through immersion in business operations, and business owners receive fresh perspectives, and the opportunity to mentor promising local talent.

The program development and research is initiated by Extension Specialists, Prof. Surin Kim (Entrepreneurship) and Dr. Maria de Guzman (Adolescent Development), along with Extension educators and partners. The project is funded by Rural Futures Institute and the United States Department of Agriculture in order to build self-sustaining entrepreneurial communities across Nebraska. We are looking for more schools and partners, to expand this evidence-based program after the pilot. Contact us to become a partner.




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