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Latino Small Business Program

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A Community Vitality Initiative (CVI) that combines the Lean Canvas Entrepreneurial Curriculum with group discussions and hands-on exercises.

Latino Small Business Program Overview

These community workshops ask business owners to reflect on how they make business decisions, why customers choose to patronize their business, and how to identify their key customers. Led by Spanish-speaking entrepreneurial experts, the workshops equip growing communities with the tools they need to build thriving businesses.

Because entrepreneurs are a busy population, this program partners with the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) to incentivize completion of the entire curriculum through accelerated consideration for a small business loan.

A recent workshop comprised of ten core participants who owned businesses ranging from grocery stores to quincanera dress shops, and offered services from window cleaning to sports jersey customization. All entered the program with confidence in their business idea evaluation (83%), while recognizing room to learn in the categories of Key Metrics, Market Validation, and Prototyping (40, 40, and 60% respectively).

After participation in the workshops, 87% of attendees reported that they were extremely satisfied with the tools they gained to grow their business, and nearly 90% said they would recommend a Lean Experimentation workshop to a friend.

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