Adult Programs

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  • Program Types

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    Curriculum: Lesson plans for teachers, instructors, and community leaders.

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    Experiential Education: Instructions to host an applied learning event in your school or community.

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    Maker: Activities that involve people ideating, designing, and producing physical or virtual objects.

Crafting Cultureicon of the letter E

A workshop series fostering cross-cultural exchange and social connections between immigrant / minority communities and long-term residents of Nebraska. Workshop goals include boosting entrepreneurship in growing communities.

Maker Movementicon of the letter M

The Maker Movement describes makers’ activities and mind-sets organized around nine key ideas: make, share, give, learn, "tool up" (i.e., secure access to necessary tools), play, participate, support, and change (Hatch, 2014).

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Pitch an Entrepreneurship Program

Latino Small Business Programicon of the letter E

A Community Vitality Initiative (CVI) that combines the Lean Canvas Entrepreneurial Curriculum with group discussions and hands-on exercises.

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