Zoom Video Conferencing

Nebraska Extension is pleased to provide you an annual Zoom license to support your growing video conferencing and meeting needs. The technology provides cloud-based video communication services offering both cloud meeting and webinar software. While similar to Adobe Connect and other video conferencing platforms, we believe you will find Zoom easy to use, dependable and flexible. Also, Zoom may be installed on any computer, phone or pad.

  • Extension professionals i.e., specialists, educators and assistants, will be issued a Pro license, which will allow an individual to host up to 50 connections per meeting with no restrictions as to the number or duration of meetings they initiate.
  • In addition the organization has access to 5 large meeting rooms, which will enable up to 100 connections per meeting. 1 webinar room, which will support up to 1,000 view only participants. Please use the Schedule a Zoom meeting form

Installing Zoom

You will receive an email from Zoom notifying you that your account has been created or upgraded in the case you may already be using a free or paid version of Zoom. Just follow the instructions in the email to verify your email address and begin using your Zoom account.

  • For first time users, a link in the email will direct you to your "profile" page and prompt you to create a password. Once you’ve done so, you are ready to use Zoom from your desktop or laptop computer.
  • The first time you use Zoom either through your personal account to initiate a meeting or as a participant in a meeting someone else has initiated, you will be prompted to download what is referred as the "Zoom Launcher Plugin."
  • Once your account has been established and the plugin installed, you will have two options for initiating a meeting: 1) you may visit www.zoom.us and login to you profile page or 2) launch the Zoom app (Zoom Launcher Plugin). Either works, but the app provides an easy and convenient way to launch and manage Zoom meetings, which you can and will likely wish to make available through your dock (Mac) or taskbar (Windows).
  • If you wish to install Zoom on your mobile phone or pad you may do so by 1) accessing the App Store on your device or 2) visiting the Zoom Download Center

Learning Center

Zoom provides users multiple learning opportunities that are accessible from your profile page. These include:


When you wish to record a meeting as a host simply select the Record option. Zoom will record the meeting in three formats, an audio and two video files (MP3 and MP4). With regard to storing and managing recordings the way in which they are stored varies:

  • Desktop/Laptop Computers: Recordings will be stored on your local computer and when the meeting is ending you will be prompted about the recording. When you wish to provide others access to recordings you may locate them on Box or perhaps another Cloud service, i.e., YouTube, etc.
  • Phone/Pad: Recordings will be stored in the Zoom Cloud. Your Pro account enables up to 1GB of Cloud storage. Recorded meetings may be managed or shared online by logging in to your account and visiting the My Recordings page. Local recordings cannot be made using a mobile device.

If after reviewing such resources you have questions, please feel free to contact Dan Cotton or Michael Riese, or your district technology support person.