Technology Resources

Nebraska Extension is dedicated to using technology to provide the best service to our communities. There are a variety of tools that are used frequently by our professionals. In addition, the University of Nebraska provides additional training or information on the use of these tools and many others. For more information, you may contact the entities listed to the right.


The following links provide documentation and help with county websites.

County Website Training Webinar 3.15.17

Basic Guide for the Extension County Website Management System

Questions about your website can be sent to Michael Riese or Linda Tempel

Zoom Video Conferencing

Nebraska Extension is pleased to provide you an annual Zoom license to support your growing video conferencing and meeting needs. The technology provides cloud-based video communication services offering both cloud meeting and webinar software. While similar to Adobe Connect and other video conferencing platforms, we believe you will find Zoom easy to use, dependable and flexible. Also, Zoom may be installed on any computer, phone or pad.

Click to schedule a meeting room of more than 50 people

Find out more about the Zoom software

Google Docs (Drive)

Google Docs refers to a suite of applications that includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Draw. They are cloud-based applications Issue Teams should use to create online documents, which can be worked on together in real time and stored on Google Drive. Issue Team members will be able to work on and access their documents from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

Visit the Google Learning Center to learn about Google Docs and other applications you are interested in learning more about.

eXtension Enabled Google Account

To use Google Docs (Drive) it’s important to do so using an enabled Google Account. There are important advantages in doing so, Nebraska Extension faculty and staff will be included in a single domain, which will make it easy to identify others in Nebraska Extension with whom you want to share files, as well as the ability to share files and collaborate. Also, because eXtension is a national configuration, you will be able to easily collaborate with others across the system should you need to.

To identify your eXtension enabled Google account or to create one visit people to get started. If you have an account login to and check your profile to identify your eXtension enabled Google Account; if you don’t have an account you may create one, which will automatically generate a Google Account for you. Please note all eXtension enabled Google Accounts will be named

Getting an eXtension ID

Instructions for getting an Extension ID

Logging into Google Drive/Docs using an eXtension ID

Instructional Video(YouTube)


Box is a storage and collaboration service that gives faculty, staff and students the ability to access, store, and share content securely—anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. Create your account and learn more by visiting the Box@UNL web site:

Conference Call

Audio conferencing gives meeting participants the ability to connect via phone line from a variety of different locations.

Nebraska Extension Administration has two conference lines available to use for Action Team related meetings.  Reserve this audio conferencing line by contacting the Nebraska Extension Administration office 402-472-2966.  Provide the name of the Action Team, the topic being discussed, date of the meeting, start and stop times.

To reserve your own audio conferencing lines, contact the Informational Technology Services, Telecommunications office and review options here:


Qualtrics is a sophisticated and intuitive online survey builder. Nebraska Extension uses the Qualtrics Research Suite to gain insights from clientele, make data-driven decisions and effectively manage reporting.

Nebraska Extension Administration has issued each Issue Team with a Qualtrics license.  To access these accounts, contact the Issue Team leaders. Individuals who want to request a UNL Qualtrics license can contact the Bureau of Sociological Research department .

Listservs is an email distribution list management service for University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty, staff, students, and other affiliated parties. Its primary purpose is distribution to -- and management of -- E-mail lists. The core software engine is called 'listserv' from L-Soft.

Current Nebraska Extension Listservs