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Webster County 4-H

Thank you for your interest in being a 2017 Superintendent or Assistant at the Webster County Fair. There are some changes this year. You will receive a pin button with the area you have volunteered so that families know who to contact for issues during the fair. Also, for your hard work, the 4-H Council has donated one meal pass as a thank you. Without volunteers such as yourselves, the fair would not be possible.

We are excited to announce that last year’s pilot program in Blue Hill for 4-H Afterschool was a huge success, so this year our office will be hosting 4-H Afterschool programs in THREE LOCATIONS from 4 to 5 pm! All youth grades 2-6 are invited to participate in this free program! We will be teaching the same curriculum at each location.

It is no secret that the number of farms in Nebraska and particularly in Webster County has declined dramatically over the years and as a result-- so has the number of livestock exhibitors at the Webster County Fair. The 4-H and FFA livestock projects are not only important, but also provides a fun and gratifying experience for all ages of exhibitors. These projects are a great first enterprise or additional project for those that are looking for a livestock project for County or State Fair.

You can now start your enrollment process through 4-H Online for the 2016-2017 4-H year. We are super excited to kick off this year and hope the following tutorials will be helpful if you have any questions about the registration process. However, if for some reason you struggle; don't hesitate to contact us to help walk you through the process!

Instructions for 4-H Online

Two times a year, National 4-H Council partners with the nation's leading rural lifestyle retailer, Tractor Supply Company (TSC), to host a national Paper Clover Promotion! 

March 1 - August 15, 2017

Celebrate all things Nebraska and 4-H through this unique virtual scavenger hunt!