About Us

Empowering youth. Strengthening families. Advancing agriculture. Managing natural resources. Creating financial security. Building successful businesses and communities.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension is focused on what–™s important to Nebraskans.

We don–™t just want you to have knowledge. We help you turn that knowledge into –œknow how– –” giving you the confidence, skill and understanding to make a change, achieve your objectives, improve your effectiveness or make your life better in some way.


  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Nuckolls County;  825 South Main, Nelson, NE 68961;  Phone 402.225.2381; FAX 402.225.2382; Email:  nuckolls-county@unl.edu
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Thayer County; Room 104, 225 North 4th, Hebron, NE 68370; Phone 402.768.7212; FAX 402.768.7213; Email  thayer-county@unl.edu

Fangmeier, Crystal
Extension Assoc 4-H
225 N 4 St Rm 104, Hebron, 68370-1823
   Crystal focuses most of her programming time on 4-H and Youth programming in the Southern Plains Unit as well as state-wide programming.

Kerns, Brenda
225 N 4th St Rm 104, Hebron, 68370
  Brenda is the Office Manager in Thayer County.

Milius, Jacie
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development & Community Vitality Initiative
825 S. Main St., Nelson, 68961
    Jacie focuses most of her programming time on 4-H and Youth programming with regards to Entrepreneurship, Careers, Technology, and Leadership in the Southern Plains Unit and state-wide.  Follow me on Social Networks:  about.me,  LinkedIn, Twitter

Mussman, Kaye

O/S On Call Worker
225 N 4th St Rm 104, Hebron, 68370
402 768 7212
   Kaye Mussman is based in Thayer County and provides school enrichment, after school programming and 4-H programming in Thayer County.

Stichka, Jean
PO Box 386, Nelson, 68961
402 225 2381
   Jean is the Office Manager in Nuckolls County