Nebraska ASI Course enrollment

Help Nebraska 4-H increase grant dollars for ATV Safety

A new ATV Safety Grant was recently awarded to Nebraska 4-H. The focus of this year's grant is to encourage youth and adults to participate in an online ATV Safety Course.

Nebraska 4-H needs to keep track of how many people complete the course since our grant is based on having 450 people go through the course this year. We are asking you to complete the form below to help us in tracking the number of Nebraskans who take this online course.

We are asking people complete the course to give a copy of their completion certificate to the local Extension Office so we can have an idea how close we are to our goal.

Your information provided below will only be used for gathering the required information for fulfillment of this grant requirement.

After you complete the form and click on the Send button, you will see the ATV Safety Institue website.

Nebraska registrant information for ASI course
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