Clover Kid Lessons

4-H Clover Kids Meeting Ideas 

Aeropace Pre-Flight - Dodge County pdf 70 kb

Bicycle Adventures - Dodge County pdf 70 kb

Create Your Corner - Dodge County pdf 78 kb

Exploring Farm Animals - Dodge County pdf 168 kb

Just Outside the Door - Dodge County pdf 142 kb

Road to Good Cooking - Dodge County pdf 101 kb

Theatre Arts Adventures - Dodge County pdf 81 kb

Other Resources

Ohio State University Cloverbud Connections website has newsletters developed in response to requests from 4-H volunteers for more information and support in working with Clover Kid members. it is published quarterly and provides a unique blend of education, activities, and fun to buiild and challenge Clover Kid Volunteers as they lead kindergarten through second grade youth.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Parents/Caregiver Corner  website has several Clover Kid activities to help your child learn life-long skills.

Nebraska 4-H Clover Kid Connections Newsletters