Phelps & Gosper Counties 4-H

Clover Kid Course: 

Summer Fun designed for our 5 to 7 year old Clover Kid 4-H'ers.  The event will be held on July 6 at either Phelps County-10 a.m. to noon OR in Gosper County from 2 to 4 p.m.   Cost for both sessions is $2.00.  Come join the fun!!    Read more

County 4-H Fair Exhibit Entry Information

Congratulations!  You successfully enrolled in the 4HOnline program by June 15 and are now eligible to enter your 4-H projects at either the Phelps County Fair or the Gosper County Fair.  The next step to bringing your exhibits and/or livestock to the county fair is to complete a fair pre-entry.  Use your 2017 Fair Premium Book to determine the exhibits you would like to bring to the fair.  Any exhibit you would like to bring to the fair needs to be submitted to your county office by July 10.  There are two ways to complete that pre-entry. 

Option 1:  4-H'ers may use the online process through ShoWorks.  The Phelps County web link for ShoWorks is:   The Gosper web link for ShoWorks is

Option 2:  4-H'ers may opt to use a paper copy to record their fair exhibits.  Record any exhibit you think you may bring to the fair on the form and turn that into your Extension Office by July 10.  Open the paper copy here

As always, please contact either Extension Office if you have questions about this process.  

"Zoom" With Us At Noon - June 20
Phelps and Gosper County Extension Staff are excited to have a new way to share information with you.  Each month you can look forward to the latest news and updates on the Phelps/Gosper 4-H program using the Zoom computer platform.  The best part?  You can watch this live show from YOUR computer in YOUR home!  If you have a video camera and microphone on your end, it will make the program interactive - but is not required.  
    The June 4-H Zoomtastic on-line meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 20 at noon.  Join the Phelps-Gosper staff for this meeting at:

The 2017 Project Resource Guide for 4-H Members is now available in two formats.  Look through this printable guide for information about projects you may be interested in.  <Pick-A-Project Guide>

Or - search through the web-based 4-H Pick Your Project application that contains the same information as the printable format.  Search for projects by keywords, project areas, curriculum areas, experience levels and project in this format.    <Pick-A-Project Web Base>