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2016 Farmer Tax Guides are available on the Marketplace to be downloaded at or contact the Extension Office.

Nebraska Farm Custom Rates for 2016 are available. These surveys conducted every two years, consist of two parts:

Part I contains 110 spring and summer operations including tillage, fertilizing, planting, spraying and waste handling

Part II contains 46 harvesting and 14 miscellaneous operations.  The Nebraska Extension Office in Otoe County can provide you with a copy or you can find them online at: - which is Part I and Part II can be found at

Current year Pesticide Training information

Chemigation training and recertification information

Pesticide Container Recycling available across Nebraska

2017 Trends in Nebraska Farmland Markets 

The latest UNL CropWatch Newsletter

The UNL Cornhusker Economics Articles

The latest UNL Market Journal  edition

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