Career Portfolios - Record Books

record book coverWhat Is An Awards Application?

This is how you win the awards given away at Achievement Night. The Awards Application is actually a complete book that should include a Junior or Senior Awards Entry Sheet (depending on 4-Hers age), Career Portfolio, a yearly achievement or project story(ies), and photos.

This collection of achievements, photos, and project stories becomes a wonderful book that features YOUR life.  Collecting all of that information and keeping it organized is one of the skills that you learn in 4-H.  You can use your book when you apply for college scholarships and/or apply for jobs.

First Year 4-H Members—It is important that you start completing your records now and putting together your award application.  Then it will be much easier to add the current year’s information to it every year (instead of having to remember the current year’s info AND what you completed in past years.)

NOTICE:  Juniors & Seniors Applying for Awards

Entry sheets have been updated.  Juniors will use these forms to apply for County Project Awards.  Seniors will use these forms to apply for Project Medals and Project Trophies as well as other scholarships and awards which are available.   Please read the forms carefully and follow directions.

REMEMBER SR’s:  Write a Leadership Story for the Fred Lockwood Outstanding Jr. Leader Award.

Diamond Clover Recognition Program Paperwork is Due September 15

 Have you completed at least one 4-H project or attended at least one local 4-H activity/event this year?  If yes, then you have already completed two requirements for some of the Diamond Clover Awards.  Many of the requirements for these awards are activities that you have completed during your 4-H year.  If you have not received forms to apply for Diamond Clover 4-H awards, ask your Organizational Leader or pick them up at the Extension Office.  After these forms are collected at the Extension Office, the Diamond Clover Program Committee will meet to organize their part of the awards presentations at the Achievement Celebration and Leader’s Recognition night on Sunday, November 6.  If you have any questions about the program contact the Extension Office or Melody Teten, chairperson, or Fran Eltiste, committee member. 

4-Hers—Do you Want to Earn $$?

Completion of your Career Portfolio is an opportunity to earn Bonus Bucks. (Bonus Bucks can be used to purchase Career Portfolio covers/dividers, 4-H t-shirts, chevrons, and armbands.  They can also be used to pay for workshop fees, camps, CWF.)  When you complete your awards application you also have the opportunity to earn a ½ Camp Scholarship (maximum $100).  The Awards Committee awards Bonus Bucks and ½ Camp Scholarships based on your Career Portfolio.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  Submit your Awards Application by SEPTEMBER 15 to the Extension Office.

Here are forms, applications, guidelines and instructions to help you with your Career Portfolio.

Junior Awards Entry Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 106 KB) for ages 8-11
Junior Awards Guidelines (PDF, 2 pgs, 106 KB)
Senior Awards Entry Sheet (PDF, 2 pgs, 102 KB) for ages 12 and above
Senior Awards Guidelines (PDF, 2 pgs, 124 KB)
Character Counts! Application (PDF, 1 pg, 73 KB)
4-H Career Portfolio - How to Begin (PDF, 1 pg, 57 KB)
4-H Career Portfolio (Word Format) (NE4H9000) (22 pgs, 919 KB)
4-H Career Portfolio (Open Office Format)
4-H Career Portfolio (PDF, 22 pgs, 788 KB) for Written Format

NE4H9020 Nebraska 4-H Animal Project Record (Word, 2 pgs, 104 KB) (PDF, 2 pgs, 89 KB)
NE4H9030 Nebraska 4-H Companion Animal Project Record (Word, 2 pgs, 79 KB) (PDF, 2 pgs, 115 KB)

Instructions for Career Portfolio - MS Word Format (PDF, 3 pgs, 126 KB)
Instructions for Career Portfolio - Open Office Format (PDF, 3 pgs, 88 KB)
Instructions for Downloading Open Office (PDF, 1 pg, 51 KB)
What Have You Been Up To?  A Form to Record Monthly Activities for the 4-H Career Portfolio  (PDF, 1 pg, 205 KB)