Timely Topics for Crops and Cow Calf Producers

2017 Trends in Nebraska Farmland Markets

Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Highlights - Cash Rental Rates are on pages 14-15
2016 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates - Part 1 (spring & summer operations)
2016 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates - Part 2 (fall & miscellaneious oeprations)

Farm Lease Forms (Cash and Crop-Share for farm, livestock, buildings and more)
Cash Grain Bids (enter your zip code to find cash bids and basis levels for the five evevators closest to you)

Hay & Forage Minutes

  • Weeds in Alfalfa May Sugget Reseeding
  • Correct Timing for Making Silage
  • Wrapping Hay to Beat the Weather
  • Firm Seedbeds for Planting Grasses and Alfalfa
  • 2017 Pasture Rental Rates
  • Use Care When Burning Grasslands
  • and more

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