How do you find information about on-going Nebraska research, education opportunities, or management recommendations for rangeland, pastures, or forages?  Try is a new website recently developed to help provide guidance towards the effective production, use, and enhancement of the grassland and forage resources of Nebraska.  The site describes the many and diverse research programs undertaken by faculty at the University of Nebraska in subjects such as rangeland ecology and management, grazing, fire ecology, forage crops and pasture, bioenergy, wildlife habitat, and integrated crop-livestock systems.

The website also describes some of the educational opportunities at the University.  In particular, it focuses on the two majors involved with grass and grazinglands, specifically the Grazing Livestock Systems Major and the Grassland Ecology and Management Major.

One of the best features of, in my opinion, is the extension and outreach section.  It contains nearly one hundred different Extension Circulars and NebGuides as well as over forty magazine and on-line newsletter articles written by Nebraska extension specialists to specifically answer questions related to your farm and ranch management challenges.  These articles are divided into eighteen separate categories to make it quick and easy for you to find the information most useful to your situation.

Not only that, there is a link that allows you to listen to every one of the Hay and Forage Minutes for the past year, just in case you missed one or want to hear it again.  That’s all one word – no spaces.  Check it out today.