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Stay informed on all of the events, activities & deadlines by downloading the Hall County 4-H monthly newsletter!

Spotlight on 4-H - NE Extension 4-H Newsletters

Check out the Nebraska Extension State 4-H newsletter “Spotlight on 4-H”.  It contains lots of great information for new & experienced 4-H families, as well as ideas for club leaders & volunteers.  At the end of the newsletter is our Hall County 4-H Calendar of Events with important dates & deadlines!

4-H Project Opportunities

Are you wanting to select a 4-H project, but don't know where to start?  Check out the following project guides:

In addition, there are project manuals available for almost every 4-H project.  (Available project manuals are listed in the Project Resource Central above.)  These written manuals provide hands-on lessons & ideas to help youth acquire new skills and knowledge.  The manuals are not required, but can be very helpful.  Manuals may be purchased at the Extension office or directly through the following websites:

Call the Hall County Extension office for more information (308) 385-5088.

2016 4-H Achievement Awards

It's never too early to start preparing your 4-H records!  Watch the archived Giving Your Best webinar series for more information about the 4-H Recognition Programs.  Find out about the Diamond Clover program, Career Portfolio, as well as Volunteer/Club Recognition!  Available below are the award application forms (typically due October 1).  Please feel free to contact the office with further questions.

  • Explanation of 4-H member Awards (pdf)
  • Award Application Summary (pdf)
  • Clover Kids Head Heart Hands Health Recognition Program (pdf): This program recognizes the work completed by Clover Kids. Each member, 4-H age 5-7, should have set two goals earlier this year in the areas of the four H's: Head, Heart, Hands and Health. All Clover Kids who turn in completed forms will receive a prize.
  • Diamond Clover Program: The Diamond Clover Program starts with setting goals to work toward during the 4-H year and recording your accomplishments.
  • Career Portfolio: The Career Portfolio will help you keep track of 4-H projects and activities and collects award, scholarship and job application info all in one place.
  • Outstanding 4-H Member (pdf) (ages 16-18) is chosen based on leadership, citizenship and community involvement shown in their Career Portfolio or by completing the Outstanding 4-H Member Application.
  • Club of Excellence Summary and Application (pdf): Club leaders submit an application for your club to become recognized as a "Club of Excellence!" To receive this designation, clubs must meet a set of criteria including: recite the 4-H pledge at meetings, meet at least six times a year, complete a club project and complete a community service project.

4-H Has Heart!

Hall County 4-H Council’s Outreach Committee is providing an exciting opportunity!  Their mission is to support the many ways that 4-H’ers and their families give back to this wonderful community.

  • If you had the opportunity to better your community, what would you do?
  • If you had the opportunity to help someone, who would you help?
  • What if you had the opportunity to obtain funds to help you achieve those goals?

This is the opportunity for you or your club to do something big and show that 4-H has Heart!  Submit your application (pdf) for funds to support your project and join the 4-H has Heart movement!!  Funds are limited.  Apply Today!!

2016 Hall County 4-H Ambassador

Become a Hall County 4-H Ambassador (pdf) and share your 4-H experience with people who may not know what a great program 4-H is. You will receive a shirt that recognizes you as an Ambassador and at the end of your term you will receive $50. You will meet new people and represent 4-H at Hall County events. Ambassadors must be 15 to 18 years old January 1, 2016 and have one more year of 4-H eligibility left. Up to two members will be chosen for this honor. The 2016/17 Ambassadors will be announced at the Hall County 4-H Achievement Night. The term begins November 1, 2016 and ends October 31, 2017. Completed applications must be submitted to the Extension Office by September 30.


  • 4-H Camp Scholarship - Hall County 4-H Council will again be offering two (2) 4-H camp scholarships worth $100 each to 4-H members 12 and under.  Camp scholarship applications (pdf) are due to the Extension office by April 14, 2017.

    Nebraska 4-H Youth Development offers a variety of day and overnight camps, which provide unique experiences that focus on life skills, including:

    • science exploration
    • leadership and citizenship skills
    • future career opportunities
    • healthy decision-making
    • natural resources education

    For more information about 4-H Camp opportunities, check out the Nebraska 4-H Camp website.

  • Nebraska 4-H Camperships - The Nebraska 4-H Foundation has once again graciously donated funds to allow us to provide camperships to individuals that would not be able to afford camp otherwise.  Camperships are available in the amount of $100 and must be requested prior to registering for camp.  Below is the information needed in order to award a campership to an individual.

    To apply for a campership, please submit the following information to Lindsay Shearer by email or mail.  Allow 7-10 business days for response to campership request.  Please note that single day camp sessions are not eligible for Camperships.  *Campership requests must be received and approved prior to registration for a camp session.

    • A request for campership support from the parent/guardian.  Please be sure to include the name, age, and gender for each camper and the session each camper would like to attend.
    • A brief statement from the parent or from the camper expressing why they would like to attend camp this summer.

    Once a request for a campership has been approved you will receive notification from Lindsay and receive an authorization code for registration that can be entered online or documented on a mail-in registration form.  Following any campership support, we do ask that the camper send a thank-you note to donors sharing a highlight from their summer camp experience.   Thank you notes can also be sent to Lindsay Shearer either by mail or email.  Request can be sent to:  Lindsay Shearer, State 4-H Office, 114 Agricultural Hall, Lincoln, NE 68583,  Or via email to:  lshearer2@unl.edu

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