February 2017 4-H Newsletter

February 2017


  1) 2017 County 4-H Calendar Enclosed!

  2) Nebraska 4-H Promotion

  3) 4-H Online New and Renewal Enrollment

  4) Nebraska /Frontier County 4-H Policy Reminders

  5) TRUE LEADERS GROW IN 4-H Workshop

  6) County 4-H Speech Contest

  7) State & Local 4-H Outdoor Camps & State Big Red Camps

  8) Barn Quilt Community Service Project

  9) Next Chapter Program, 4-H Clover Chase

10) 4-H Council News

11) County 2017 4-H Camp $100 Scholarships

12) Nebraska Association of County Extension Boards (NACEB) Scholarship

13) Sixth Annual Innovative Youth Corn Challenge

14) Shooting Sports

15) Livestock Tags

16) Frontier County Market Beef Weigh Day

17) Beef Rate of Gain Contest

18) Quality Assurance Announcement 

19) Quality Assurance In-Person Trainings

20) State Cat Club Monthly Webinar

21) Frontier County 4-H Horse Show Date Change

22) 2017 Annual 4-H Horse Stampede And Companion Animal Challenge

23) Catch-A-Lamb 2017

24) New 2017 State Fair Livestock Rule & Fees 

25) Nebraska Youth Pork Conference, “Makin’ Bacon … and a WHOLE Lot More!”

26) 2017 Fair Dates

27) Upcoming Dates

28) Club News

1) 2017 County 4-H Calendar Enclosed!  Save this calendar for very important 4-H dates. Leaders, if you have new families please get their names and addresses to extension office so they can begin to receive our monthly 4-H newsletter. Note: Frontier County Fair in Stockville will be July 5-9, 2017.  Eustis Fair & Corn Show will be August 2-5, 2017.  Entry deadline for Stockville is June 23rd and Eustis is July10th.  There will be a late fee of $25.00 for youth 12 and under and youth 13 and older a ribbon placing dropped.  No entries will be accepted five days after the entry deadline.

2) February is Nebraska 4-H Month!! Tell others why 4-H is important to you & your family. Frontier County 4-H Youth Council members and Kathy will be talking to all Frontier County 2nd & 3rd graders this month to promote in Frontier County.

3) 4-H Online New and Renewal Enrollment  We appreciate everyone’s efforts to sign up early! 

Please ask us at the office if you need assistance! 

Each year 4-H youth and organizational leaders must re-enroll.

New members can join today!

County Membership dues are $5.00 payable to your club.  If you are not in a club, send a check to the Extension office payable to the Frontier County 4-H Council.

Go to:   https://ne.4honline.com.  Browsers best compatible with 4H Online are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  4H Online will NOT work on Internet Explorer, Safari or most cell phones.

            For instructions on how to enroll online, go to http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier/4-h-enrollment/.  If you do not have access to the Internet, you may come in to the office and use a computer.  The deadline for enrolling is April 15th, but enroll today!

4) Nebraska /Frontier County 4-H Policy Reminders  4-H Clubs need at least 5 youth members from 3 different families to be club & need to hold at least 6 meetings/ year. (4-H youth can also be independent members, but there are benefits to club format.)

4-H Clubs and/or Independent members need to pay NE sales tax if selling food items in single serving sizes as a fundraiser. See office for more details. 

County Dues are $5.00/youth & deposited in county 4-H Council account. (dues pay for project manuals, contests & other 4-H programming.)

County 4-H Council pays 4-H insurance $1.00/ youth. 4-H Insurance does not cover leaders or adult volunteers. See office for more details

4-H Contest/Event Opportunities

5) TRUE LEADERS GROW IN 4-H Workshop  Come join other county 4-H parents, volunteers, leaders,  & older 4-Hers on Tuesday, February 28, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm to network and learn more about 4-H contests, new projects, policies and discuss needs of our county’s youth. Watch one of our own 4-H members give a purple ribbon presentation & see how easy it is! Free supper served 6:00-6:45pm. Pre- registration by February 24 helpful for food count, but not required. Call Extension Office or email Kathy.burr@unl.edu   See Flyer and sign up today!

6) County 4-H Speech Contest  The 4-H Speech Contest will be April 3 at 6:30 pm at NCTA Ed Center.

PURPOSE: Encourage youth to develop communication skills through public speaking.  Youth are given an opportunity to speak before a group.  

RULES AND REGULATIONS:  Visual aids are not allowed. There is an illustrated talk and presentation contest where visuals are allowed. Contest is June 27th. Acknowledge the source of information used in the speech.

DIVISONS:  Clover Kid 5-8 Years old-No longer than 2 minutes. May read a poem, favorite story, or tell of a favorite place they have visited. 

Novice 8 to 9 years olds- No longer than 2 minutes. For first time speakers. Youth may read a poem, favorite story, or tell of a favorite place they have visited.  Not eligible for District Competion.

Junior 8 to 10 year old - 1 to 3 minutes in length. Speeches must be original and relate to 4-H.  

Intermediate 11 and 13 year olds  3 to 5 minutes in length, must be original and relate to 4-H. 

Senior 14 and older 5 to 8 minutes in length, must be original and relate to 4-H.

Radio PSA’s 8 to 18 year olds -60 seconds.  Must use the theme, “4-H Grown:” Promote 4-H and be general enough to be used anywhere in Nebraska at any time of the year. All 4-H PSA's must include the following tag line within the last ten seconds of the PSA: "Learn more about the Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development Program at 4h.unl.edu." The tag line is included in the 60 second time limit. (PSA’s MUST be submitted electronically to the Extension Office by March 31, 2017.)

7) State & Local 4-H Outdoor Camps & State Big Red Camps  Included in this mailing is the 2017

4-H camps brochure. NOTICE –June 13 State 4-H Camp staff from Halsey, NE will be holding a Day Camp in Curtis for ages 6-12!! Camp cost $25/youth. The 4-H Council might be offering scholarships for this June 13 camp. More details after the March 2017 4-H Council meeting.

8) Barn Quilt Community Service Project  Any 4-H families, 4-H clubs, community organizations, school/church groups or individuals who are interested in painting barn quilts for permanent display at the Frontier County Fairgrounds in Stockville this summer are encouraged to contact Marcia Owens at 308-367-4418 or Kathy Burr, Extension Educator Nebraska Extension –Frontier County Office 308-367- 4424. This activity would be a great community service project!

9) Next Chapter Program  Nebraska 8th graders currently enrolled in 4-H will receive a letter pre-admitting them to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With this, they will have the opportunity to participate in Next Chapter, a unique partnership between Nebraska 4-H and University Admissions that connects students statewide with the resources of the University! This also means that students that meet academic requirements will be admitted after high school. Contact Kathy for more information or questions.

  • Make sure you check “Next Chapter Club-Frontier County” when enrolling on 4-H Online.
  • April 10, 2017: Celebration for all new Next Chapter students and families at West Central Research & District Center in North Platte, NE
  • April 25, 2017: Statewide celebration for all Next Chapter students and their families in Lincoln      

Nebraska 4-H, in partnership with the Nebraska 4-H Foundation, is celebrating the Nebraska Statehood 150 with the 4-H Clover Chase. Starting March 1, Nebraska 4-H will be hosting a photo scavenger hunt for all 4-H members. Each participant who completes the chase will receive a commemorative water bottle and will be entered to win a drone! County photos taken by 4-H youth will be highlighted at the 2017 NE State Fair. More information coming soon!


10) *Next Council Meeting will be March 20 at 7:30 pm. Please contact a 4-H Council member with concerns or suggestions.  Members of the 2017 4-H Council are Janisha Ruda, Beth Buehner, Tina Smith, Amy Houser, Shelly Wills & Katy Snyder.  Youth Representatives are Rachel Lashley, Micky Blender, Aretta Brennemann, Tate Hartley, Tristin Smith, and Leith-Anne Lehmann.  For their contact information, go to http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier/2016-4-h-council.


11) County 2017 4-H Camp $100 Scholarships  Applications for camp scholarships are due in the extension office by March 1st.  These scholarships are given by the Frontier County 4-H Council.  You can apply by writing the 4-H Council a letter stating why you want to attend camp and which camp you want to attend.

12)  Nebraska Association of County Extension Boards (NACEB) Scholarship Program  Application due March 17, 2017.

The NACEB Scholarship Program for 2017-18 academic year includes the following:

  • One $1000 scholarship at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) or in the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS) for an incoming student (freshmen or transfer student).
  • One $1000 scholarship for a current student (sophomore or higher) enrolled in CASNR or CEHS.


13) Sixth Annual Innovative Youth Corn Challenge  Do you enjoy being outside? Learning new things about crops? Considering a career involving crops, insects, diseases, soils, water or more? Nebraska Extension and the Nebraska Corn Board are offering the sixth Innovative Youth Corn Challenge contest. Open to 4-H members (age 10 & older as of Jan. 1st) or FFA members (in-school members).

Cash prizes and plaques will be given to the first, second, and third place teams. First place will receive $1,000, second place will receive $500, and third place will receive $250.  “Extra mile” awards will also be given, each worth $150.    

To participate complete and return an entry form by March 15th to the Fillmore County Extension Office in Geneva, NE. Forms can be downloaded at http://cropwatch.unl.edu/youth/activities. For more information, contact Brandy VanDeWalle at brandy.vandewalle@unl.edu, Aaron Nygren at anygren2@unl.edu or Amy Timmerman at atimmerman2@unl.edu.


14) Shooting Sports  The Frontier County Sharp Shooters 4-H Club will hold their organizational meeting Sunday, February 26, at 4:00 pm at the Frontier County Fairgrounds in Stockville-  North Building. This is a MANDATORY Organizational meeting to sign up, fill out release forms, pay fees and safety instructions lesson. IF you cannot make this meeting or have questions please call Organizational Leader- Dana Lueth at 308-367-7088.

**4H Online ENROLLMENT needs to be completed before attending February 26 meeting. (See directions in other part of this newsletter on how to enroll in 4-H.)

FEES = $15.00/youth) payable to Sharp Shooters 4-H Club (helps pay for supplies and equipment replacement

           = $5.00 4-H County member dues

NOTE: Participants have to attend at LEAST 4 scheduled practices to compete in county contest. (This is for SAFETY REASONS).

Shotgun Fun Day & Additional Registration Day - March 4, Saturday, 1:00-4:00pm. All are invited to the 4-H Shotgun Fun Day at the Curtis Gun Club shooting range east of Curtis. If you are only interested in 4-H shotgun and cannot attend the February 26 organizational meeting, then come March 4 to shoot and sign up! Or if you just want to see what 4-H shotgun is all about and have FUN plan to attend!  (Must be 12 years old by Jan 1, 2017). See enclosed Flyer.

Shotgun: There will be two different practice times available for shotgun only.

2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month starting March 9th at Curtis Gun Club taught by Alan Taylor.  Intermediate (12-15 year olds by January 1st) 5:30 pm, Seniors (16-18 year old by January 1st) 6:30 pm        OR

2nd & 4th Sundays 4:00 pm, fairgrounds in Stockville starting May 14, 2017 taught by Donnie Woodring & Jeff Lueth.


15) Livestock Tags- county prices for 2017:

  • $1.00 county only tags
  • $3.00 EID tags for NE State Fair and/or Aksarben
  • $6.00 DNA envelopes for NE State Fair and/or Aksarben
  • $2.00 breeding nomination card (Make sure ewe lambs have scrapie tags)

16) Frontier County Market Beef Weigh Day  March 4th is the date for the last Market Beef Weigh-In NCTA 9:00-11:00 am

17) Beef Rate of Gain Contest  At the January 4-H Council meeting, it was decided “in order for 4-H youth to participate in county market beef rate of gain, the animals must be weighed at one of the two Frontier County 4-H weigh dates.”

18) Quality Assurance Announcement  Quality Assurance is required for all 4-H’ers that will be exhibiting Beef, Sheep, Goats, Hogs, Rabbits, Dairy, and Poultry at the county fair, state fair, or AKSARBEN. In the past there have been three options for completion: Testing Out, In-Person Trainings, and Online.  As of March 1, 2017, the current Online Quality Assurance program will not be available due to the transition to a national QA program.  You can still access and complete the current Online Quality Assurance modules up until March 1, 2017. If you complete QA online, we strongly recommend that you complete your Quality Assurance on the current system by March 1st, 2017.  The new national system has an increased fee associated with it.

19) Quality Assurance In-Person Trainings  In person trainings for QA in Frontier County will be: March 27, in Eustis at 6:30pm and/or April 11 in Curtis at 6:30 pm. Mark your calendars now!

20) State Cat Club Monthly Webinar  2nd Thursday of every month through June 6:00-7:00 pm. Come join other county 4-H families at Frontier County Extension office or join online at: https://connect.unl.edu/catclub/.

21) Frontier County 4-H Horse Show Date Change  Due to July 8th Frontier County Fair nightly entertainment, the 4-H Council voted to change the 2017 4-H Horse Show to July 5, Wednesday starting at 1:00 pm at Stockville arena.

22) 2017 Annual 4-H Horse Stampede And Companion Animal Challenge  The Annual 4-H Horse Stampede and Companion Animal Challenge will be held April 1, 2017, at the UNL Animal Science building, East Campus. Combined event is open to youth ages 10-18 years old. Youth can compete in demonstrations, horse and dog quiz bowls, dog skill-a-thon, art, photography, and speech contests. Speech contests can be done from a distance through Adobe Connect.  Great opportunity for youth to gain valuable life skills and participate with other youth in animal related contests where you do not actually need an animal to participate.

For more information on 4-H Horse Stampede, contact Lena Luck at 402-472-9098 or lena.luck@unl.edu. Contest rules and entry forms are available at http://4h.unl.edu/horse/stampede. Entries are due March 10 to the county office.

Contest rules and entry forms are available at http://4h.unl.edu/companion-animal/challenge. Mail in your 4-H Companion Animal Challenge entries by March 10th  to Lisa Karr, University of Nebraska Lincoln, C204e Animal Science, Lincoln, NE 68583-0908.

23) Catch-A-Lamb 2017  Your 4-H Council decided to extend the Catch-A-Lamb application to March 1, 2017 to help more new 4-Hers be able to participate. Contact the Extension for the application. See rules below:

CATCH-A-LAMB RULES:  4-H’er must be 8, 9, or 10 years old January 1, 2017.  Need to enroll in Frontier County 4-H by April 15, 2017, and it must be the first year showing a lamb (excluding Clover Kid experience).  The application must be picked up, filled out, and returned to the extension office by March 1, 2017.  Lambs MUST be picked up at Sheep Weigh/Tagging Day, Spring 2017.  Lamb must be sold and 25% of sale price MUST be returned to the Frontier County 4-H Council. 

Judging criteria:  20% record book 4-H F93 submitted on entry day; 20% two letters to program sponsor – one at the beginning thanking the sponsor, and a progress letter to the sponsor (include a story about your project and what you have learned this year about sheep from this lamb.); 20% rate of gain; 20% class placing and/or ribbon (20 pts – purple, 15 pts – blue, 10 pts – red, and 5 pts – white); 20% Showmanship ribbon (20 pts – purple, 15 pts – blue, 10 pts – red, and 5 pts – white). 

24) New 2017 State Fair Livestock Rule & Fees  All 4-H and FFA MARKET animals carrying an EID tag are required to have a Premises ID. (This includes any that may show at only the county level as well).

Premises ID number can be obtained through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.  Only one (1) Premises ID is necessary for a family with multiple exhibitors (provided livestock are housed at the same location).  Only one (1) Premises ID is necessary for an exhibitor that shows multiple species (provided livestock are housed at the same location). 

Any exhibitor who has completed PQA (Pork Quality Assurance) should have a Premises ID. They can call the Nebraska Department of Ag to verify if they believe they have one. The Premises ID number should correlate to the location in which livestock are kept/housed permanently. 

Since breeding animals do not carry EID tags, this is not a requirement for those exhibitors at this time.

The Premises ID number will be reported to County Staff for input into 4-H Online.

In order to show at the Nebraska State Fair, a Premises ID must be on file for a market animal exhibitor.

The bedding fee for all livestock exhibitors- $15 for beef and dairy and $5 for sheep, goats, and swine.  $3 per head fee for 4-H & FFA market animals to help defray the costs of drug testing. 

25) Nebraska Youth Pork Conference, “Makin’ Bacon … and a WHOLE Lot More!” Wednesday, May 31 through Friday, June 2.  Youth who have an interest in the swine industry, food or meat science, and/or culinology need to apply.  Intermixed throughout the conference, youth will be engaged in interactive activities to enhance life skills including leadership and communication.  There is no cost for any youth participants, as the conference is 100% funded by the Nebraska Pork Producers Association, the Nebraska Corn Board, and the Nebraska Soybean Board in addition to Animal Science and UNL Extension! Apply online at http://www.nepork.org, by April 1. See enclosed flyer. 


26)  2017 Fair Dates

Frontier County Fair in Stockville July 5-9

Eustis Fair & Corn Show is August 2-5 for 4-H events/contests.

NE State Fair August 25-September 4, 2017

Aksarben Stock Show Sept 28-October 1, 2017

27) Upcoming 4-H Events/Important Dates


         3 - Due – Registration for NE Cattlemen’s Classic Judging Contest

       25 - Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Judging Contest – Kearney

       26 - MANDATORY – Sharp Shooters Organizational Meeting & Registration @ 4 pm

       28 - 4-H Parent/Older Youth Update Training & Soup Supper at NCTA 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm


         1 - Due – Applications for Camp Scholarships

         4 - Market Beef Weigh-In - NCTA 9-11 am

         4 - 4-H Shotgun Sports Fun & Registration Day 1-4 pm

       10 - Due – Registration for 4-H Horse Stampede

       20 - 4-H Council Meeting– Curtis @ 7:30 pm – Ed Center Rm 129

       27 - Due - Registration for County Speech Contest

       27 - Livestock Quality Assurance Training – Eustis 6:30 pm

Click on the Nebraska Extension Frontier County website for the latest dates, news and forms at http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/frontier/educational-programs/frontier-county-4-h.

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 28) Club News

The Western Frontier 4H Club will be having Don Brockmeier give a presentation about common Nebraska birds at our March meeting. The meeting will be on March 12 at 2pm at the Maywood Fertilizer Building (at the 83 junction). We invite anyone who wants to learn more about birds and their houses and feeders to attend. Meeting is open to any 4H member wanting to come. Questions call Katy 737-1642

 The Frontier Riders 4-H Club will be holding their organizational meeting on February 17th in the Curtis Community Center at 6:00 pm.  If you plan on riding with this club, you need to attend this meeting.

 The Sharp Shooters 4-H Club  See item 14 for this information.

 P.S.  Found a pair of leather gloves size large with black fabric on top portion.  Left on the table at Market Beef weigh-in.  They can be picked up in the Extension office.