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Nebraska State Fair is August 26th-Sept. 5th, 2016. A tentative schedule of the livestock shows can be found here with times and places of events. More updates coming soon! 

Aksarben Stock Show is September 22nd, 2016. Link to Entry Information found here.

Quality Assurance:

Quality Assurance training is required for all food producing animal or livestock project members. Food producing and livestock projects include market beef, sheep, swine, dairy cattle, dairy goat, meat goat, poultry and rabbit. Quality Assurance is continuing its move online for 2015. Youth are highly encouraged to participate in the online course, which is available at This year, a $5 fee will be accessed (pay online) on a yearly basis to cover the cost of the website maintenance. To complete it, you will need your 4-H Access ID number which can be found by calling our office.

Livestock Quality Assurance is a self-directed course designed for youth ages 8-18. Participants will learn about good production practices and producing quality food products from taking this course.

The course has been divided into three levels, Junior (4-H Youth Ages 8-10), Intermediate (4-H Youth Ages 11-13), and Senior (4-H Youth Ages 14-18). Each year youth will be required to complete three modules within their age level. Youth are eligible to work ahead so that they will be done with Quality Assurance requirements until they reach the next age level. There will be one face to face course offered through our office on March 29th at the Animal Science Day. Details are still being planned.

Quality Assurance Resources

Complete the online quality assurance program BEFORE June 15th.  
Quality Assurance Online FAQ Sheet


Fillmore County Animal Identification Requirements
All exhibitors showing beef, sheep, swine or goats must complete and return the LIVESTOCK AFFIDAVIT prior to the fair!

PEDV (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus)

   As swine show season starts to get underway, it's time to think about how to deal with the many questions and challenges associated with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV). Although the virus has less impact on the older, growing pigs headed for a show ring, the potential to spread PEDV and other pathogens rises since the pigs are commingled at weigh-ins and the exhibitions themselves. Regardless of PEDV's presence though, certain measures should always be a priority for anyone involved in swine shows.
   The National Pork Board has recently posted research and resources regarding PEDV (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus).  A webinar recording has been posted to  They have also created a series of resources (that are mentioned in the webinar) that you can find below:
Swine Health Recommendations: Exhibitors of All Pigs Going to Exhibits or Sales
Swine Health Recommendations: Organizers of Exhibitions and Sales
Swine Health Recommendations: Biosecurity for Organizers of Weigh-ins or Tagging Events.
State PEDV Guidlines

Livestock Judging Resource Guide

Nebraska Animal Science Resources

Beef - Project Information
Beef Fitting Basics
Bucket Calf Project

Sheep - Project Information  
Sheep Showing
Basic Show Lamb Feeding & Care

Swine - Project Information  
Swine Showmanship

Beef, Sheep, and Swine Showmanship Guide

Poultry Resources
Showing a Duck Video
Waterfowl Showmanship Handout
American Poultry Association
American Bantam Association
Choosing a Chicken Breed

 More animal care resources are found on Nebraska Extension's 4-H Page!

What do 4-H'ers learn from their animal science projects? It is more than just learning about the animal and how to raise it, there are life skills being taught such as decision-making, responsibility and more! Learn more about what livestock projects are about by clicking here.

Horse - Progress Shows



Horse Districts

Upcoming Events


New Website for Kids!!

There is a fun new website dedicated to kids who are interested in riding horses.  The site includes games, videos, as well as information for parents and teachers.  If you have a young one who is interested in horses, this is the site for you!



Horse Exhibitor Levels

The cold weather months are great times to start work on 4-H Horse Advancement Level work. In the winter, riders can complete knowledge and demonstration requirements so when the weather gets warmer in the spring, all the member would need to do is take the riding portion of the Levels work.

To ensure the safety of all horse exhibitors and spectra-tors, it is REQUIRED for ALL youth to pass the Beginning Horseman: Level One testing. This level is designed for riders who have little or no experience around horses. It emphasizes correct and safe handling and riding principles and should help develop the members' confidence concerning their ability to ride and guide a horse. The rider's balance, correct seat and use of hands' should be stressed.

Work with your horse leaders to complete this certification. Resources are available to study here.



Horse Shows/Camps/Clinics

none at this time



4-H Horse page

Horse Resources


 Progress Shows


none at the present time






Swine / Hog


Sheep / Goat



Poultry / Rabbit

Nebraska Extension Resources

Beef Information

Beef production learning modules, Ask and Expert, research reports, calendar of events and other resources are found at this University of Nebraska web resource.

Dairy Information

The UNL Dairy Cattle Extension Program provides information useful for dairy cattle production in Nebraska and throughout the country. Program information on topics including nutrition, herd management, diary products, and even what to look for in your dairy herd employees are available.

Meat Goat Information from

eXtension–™s web resource on meat goats is managed by a national team of Extension faculty addressing topics such as breeds, genetics, herd health, management, marketing, nutrition, and multiple additional topics.

Poultry Information

The Poultry Extension page at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln emphasizes management and nutrition. Information on current issues such as avian influenza can be found here as well as links to extension publications containing more general information.

Swine Information

The Pork Information Gateway is a product of the U. S. Pork Center of Excellence. The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence was established on July 1st, 2005 for the purpose of bringing about a higher level of cooperation and collaboration among and between universities, the pork production industry, and government. Extension faculty from around the U. S. are the primary authors for the content found on this site.

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  • Aug. 10- Aksarben Entries Due
  • Aug. 10- State Fair Livestock & Contest Entries Due
  • Aug. 26-Sept. 5- NE State Fair, Grand Island
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