4-H Deadline Next Thursday June 15th

The deadline  for 4-H enrollment is NEXT THURSDAY June 15. You must be enrolled in 4-H to be eligible to participate in the 2017 Dodge County Fair. If you have not submitted your enrollment yet, please do immediately. If you need assistance, please contact Amber at 402-727-2775. All Volunteers need to go in and complete their online enrollment this year as well. Click Here and you will be directed to the enrollment details. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the County Fair Experience.

All 4-H/FFA livestock paperwork (DNA envelopes, Breeding Nomination Forms, county identification forms, and copies of registration sheets) - JUNE 15 DEADLINE to the Nebraska Extension Office in Dodge County, Fremont.

NEW 2017: All 4-H and FFA MARKET animals carrying an EID tag are required to have a Premises ID(This includes any that may show at only the county level)

· The Premises ID number should correlate to the location in which livestock are kept/housed permanently

· The Premises ID number will be reported to County Staff for input into 4-H Online

Steps to Obtaining a Premises ID

Set up an account with the Nebraska Dept. of Ag by email or phone

· Ross Baker (ross.baker@nebraska.gov) Or Jean Gibson (jean.gibson@nebraska.gov)

· Call 402-471-2351 and ask for Premises ID

Provide the following:

· Name of the individual owning or in control of the location

· Address (for mail delivery)

· Address where animals are located (if different)

· Phone number of the owner of the location

More information can also be found here: www.nda.nebraska.gov/adt/index.html