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Area 4-H’ers Compete in Regional Speaking Contest

Seventy-four 4-H’ers were awarded ribbons at the 2017 West Central Regional 4-H Public Speaking Contest, held April 29 in North Platte, NE.

 In the Junior (10 years of age and younger), Intermediate (11 to 13 years of age), and Senior (14 to 18 years of age) division speakers were required to prepare an original speech on an aspect relating to their 4-H experience.  The top four speakers in Senior division Speech and PSA will represent the region at the State 4-H Speaking Contest held during the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. The contest is sponsored by the Nebraska Rural Radio Network.

 In the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) division  4-Her’s were required to write a 60 second radio spot promoting 4-H.  4-Her’s who competed in the Radio PSA division could also compete in the speech divisions.

 Former 4-H’ers have said that participation in the 4-H Public Speaking program has helped them develop skills that have benefited them in high school, college and on the job.  By learning how to present a speech youth develop organizational skills as well as communication skills.  Being able to present your ideas effectively helps build confidence.       

 Results of area 4-H’ers at the contest:

Junior Division Public Speaking

Lincoln County:  Cole Huffmann – Purple

Marisa Pheifer – Blue

Kearney County:  Mia Malcom – Blue

Custer County:   Riata Remund – Top Medal

Maggie Peterson – Purple  

Rio Remund – Purple

Red Willow County:   Avery McConville – Blue

Frontier County:  Ella Brennemann - Purple

Brecken Gale – Blue

Trey Tiller – Blue

 Phelps County:   Marie Ford – Purple

 Buffalo County:  Breanna Bosshammer – Top Medal

Fletcher Clausen – Purple

Seth Bogus - Purple

Chase County:  Anna Aragon – Purple

Amber Tuller - Puprle

 Grant County:  Gary Brennemann – Blue

 Dawson County: Parker Walahowski – Top Medal

Jaden Hunke – Purple

Greta Rickersten – Blue

Adams County:   Ellie Pagel - Purple

Emily Barfknecht – Blue

 Furnas County:  Micah Gerlach – Top Medal

Intermediate Division Public Speaking

Adams County:  Noah Pagel – Blue    

William Barfknecht - Red

Buffalo County: Joshua Bogus – Purple

 Madelynn Clausen - Blue

Chase County:  J.D. Tuller - Red

Custer County:  Kinsey Pflaster – Purple

Isabelle Stallbaumer – Purple

Dawson County:  Helene Keiser – Purple

Emma Peterson – Purple

Abbie Owens - Blue

Frontier County:  Grace Brennemann - Blue

 Furnas County:  Kolby Hunt - Blue

Megan TenBensel – Red

Gosper County: Rianna Chaney – Top Medal

 Sheridan Chaney – Purple

Kearney County: Mercedes Holmes – Blue

Logan County: Caleb Burnside – Top Medal

Hannah Burnside – Top Medal

 McPherson County:  Grace Ryland – Blue

Phelps County:  Johanna Ford – Top Medal

 Red Willow:  Charlie Bortner – Purple

Amber Gonzales - Blue

 Senior Division Public Speaking

Buffalo County: Blake Bogus – Top Medal

 Kayla Bogus – Top Medal

 Chase County:  Ashley Grassia – Top Medal

Amanda Tuller - Blue

 Dawson County:   Savannah Peterson – Red

Frontier County:  Aretta Brennemann – Top Medal

Furnas County:  MacKenna Hunt - Purple

 Kearney County:  Leah Boudreau – Blue

 Phelps County:  Sarah Pelton – Blue

 Anna Pelton – Blue

 Junior Division PSA

Buffalo County:  Ashley Bauer – Red

 Custer County:  Jasmine Hunt – Top Medal

 Kearney County:  Mia Malcom – Red

Intermediate Division PSA

Adams County:  Kassie Kimle - Red

 Custer County:  Haley Wells – Top Medal

 Dawson County: Abbie Owens – Top Medal

Spencer Walahowski – Top Medal

 Dundy County:   Mark Nelms – Top Medal

 Kearney County:  Ian Sinsel – Red

Red Willow County:  Cadde Beeby – Blue

 Senior Division PSA

Buffalo County:   Allison Bauer – Top Medal

Ben Walker – Top Medal

Whitney Bauer – Blue

 Chase County:   Amanda Tuller – Top Medal

Morayah Cupp – Top Medal

Ashley Grassia - Blue

 Frontier County:  Aretta Brennemann - Red

 Kearney County:  Anna Sinsel - Reds

2016 Junior Public Speaking Division

West Central Regional Public Speaking Contest was held on April 29th, in North Platte.  In the Junior Division Custer county had three youth qualify.  Riata Remund, Arnold, brought home First place.  Rio Remund, Arnold, and Maggie Peterson, rural Broken Bow, also participated.

2016 Intermediate Public Speaking Division

In the Intermediate Division, Kinsey Pflaster and Isabelle Stallbaumer, Oconto both participated.

2016 Senior Public Speaking Division

The Senior Division wrapped up the day.