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      July 17,  2017


 Larry Howard

Extension Educator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
Serving Cuming County 

Replace Thinning Alfalfa Fields

The past few years have been tough on alfalfa fields.  Some alfalfa plants that have managed to survive the harsh conditions are showing the accumulated effects of all that stress.  Add in the stress from harvest plus any insect damage or leaf diseases and plants that were old or weak starting out this spring may simply have too much root disease and not enough healthy root to keep going.

Now is a good time to check fields to learn if they need to be replaced, either with a new seeding this August or next spring.  If weeds are becoming a problem, that is usually a good indication that the stand is getting thin and needs replacement.  And don’t forget, after alfalfa you can reduce nitrogen on next year’s crop by at least 100 pounds per acre.

Older, dryland fields with less than 25 shoots per square foot coming from 2 or 3 plants should be replaced.  Very productive sites, such as irrigated and sub-irrigated fields, should have over 40 shoots per square foot coming from 4 to 6 plants.  Also dig up and look at some roots.  Healthy roots are solid and white, with a firm texture.  A little browning in the top couple inches of the crown may not be much of a problem yet, but it could develop into a serious disease in another year or two.  Roots that are discolored in a third to one-half of the tissue might survive this coming winter, but these plants will not yield well next year.  If crowns and taproots show extensive brownish discoloration or are becoming mushy and partly rotted, these plants probably won’t survive another winter.

Observe and anticipate declining alfalfa stands.  Then you can decide if you want to replace them.

Remove Bales Soon After Harvest

Bales and stacks of hay left in the middle of fields have to be removed sometime.  After the final cutting for the year, it may not matter too much if they set there for a while.  But when more harvests are expected from that field, delaying removal can be harmful.

One problem is directly under the bale or stack.  Plants underneath often are killed if covered for more than a week or two.  This may not hurt yield too much, but makes for a great place for weeds to get started and then they can spread.

Most of the damage, though, is due to wheel traffic on the regrowth.  Studies have shown that when fields are dry, plants driven on right after harvest and before regrowth occurs will yield about 5 to 7 percent less at next cutting.  It gets much worse if you wait to remove bales.  Just seven days after cutting, when regrowth shoots had started to grow, yield was reduced over 25 percent and fewer of these plants survived.  Worse yet is removing bales when fields are wet.  Then wheel traffic causes much more compaction.  When this happens, yield loss typically exceeds 30 percent.

These studies emphasized the benefits of baling and removing bales from hay fields as quickly as possible after cutting as well as minimizing driving on wet soils.  They also suggest that following the same wheel track when removing bales or stacks from fields can reduce losses from wheel tracks by limiting the total area damaged.

Hay fields must be driven on, of course, to remove bales after harvest.  But you can lessen damage by controlling where, when and how often you drive.

Growth Tips

By:  Jill Carlson

Great to have the rainfall, which was needed county-wide.  It’s always interesting to see crops thriving with the higher humidity but minimal rainfall.

Spots on the tomato plant foliage?  Time to remove the spotted leaves and apply a general purpose fungicide such as liquid copper or chlorothalonil.  An application of properly mixed and applied Neem oil will be a help, also.  As always with any chemical applied to anything, read and follow the instructions that came with the chemical.  Mixing double strength is not the proper way to handle chemical application of any type.

Control of sedges in the lawn areas are best done by hand prior to the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.  There are several products available for pre-emergence control of nutsedge, and some that are capable of post-emergence control.  Interesting fact: That cut pot-filler know as fiber optic grass is actually a sedge.  What else will we find to be irresistible for our garden planters?

Please keep in mind that our soil temperatures have still reached the 90 degree plus area and those garden crops, trees, shrubs and lawn areas can still use a healthy drink of water preferably applied in the evening hours.

Keep Growing!! 


Crop Water Use

Estimated Crop Water use (inch/day)

Corn:  Emerge Date 5/13, Prior 3 Days 0.26, Next 3 Days 0.28

Soybean:  Emerge Date 5/25, Prior 3 Days 0.23, Next 3 Days 0.25

Alfalfa:  Emerge Date 4/01, Prior 3 Days 0.24, Next 3 Days 0.25

Grass:  Emerge Date 4/15, Prior 3 Days 0.17, Next 3 Days 0.18

Producers should note that immediately after cutting, water use for alfalfa will be 50% of the figure given; after ten days, water use will be 75%; and at 20 days after cutting, water use is the figure given.

These crop figures are provided by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Cuming County.  They are based on West Point weather factors and are good for 50-mile radius.  Check the Crop Watch web site (http://cropwatch.unl.edu/gdd-etdata) daily for a more detailed current report.


SOURCE:   Larry Howard, Extension Educator

RELEASE DATE: July 17, 2017

Entry Deadline for County & State Fair, AKSARBEN and Norfolk Beef Expo

All members are reminded that the entry deadline for all livestock (this includes large animals as well as dogs, cats, small animals and rabbits) for Cuming County Fair is due by 4:00 p.m., Friday, August 4 to the Cuming County Extension Office.

State Fair Livestock entries and the AKSARBEN Livestock entries are required to be done on-line at the respective Nebraska State Fair and AKSARBEN sites this year by Thursday, August 10 at 5:00 p.m. and is the responsibility of the 4-H member.  Exhibitors will need a credit card to complete the process.

The Norfolk Beef Expo entries are due, Wednesday, August 23.

Cuming County Fair and Norfolk entries are due to the Cuming County Extension office.  Please make note as all entry deadlines will be enforced.


SOURCE:   Larry Howard, Extension Educator

RELEASE DATE: July 17 – August 14, 2017

What Are You Going to Do When You Grow Up?

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?  To help you explore different options for potential careers, you are invited to spend a day looking at a variety of career opportunities programs available at the University of Nebraska.

On Wednesday, July 26th, youth will have the opportunity to explore programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the departments of Food Science and Technology on Innovation Campus, Plant Science and Animal Science on East Campus. There will also be a tour of Memorial Stadium and the training facilities.

The cost of the day will be $15.00 per person which will include transportation and lunch.  Please pre-register with the UNL Extension office by Thursday, July 20.  To pre-register contact or stop in to the Extension Office at 402-372-6006.


SOURCE:  Melissa Nordboe, Extension Assistant

RELEASE DATE:  July 17, 2017

Cuming County 4-H Members Strong Competitors at Fremont Fair Expo

Cuming County was a strong force in the Favorite Foods Contest held on Thursday, July 13th with five individuals competing in the Junior Division of the contest. Grace Meiergerd of West Point was awarded Champion in the Junior Division receiving a purple ribbon and a gold medal. Josephine Moyer and Katrina Moyer of Beemer both received purples. Lily Meiergerd of West Point received a blue and Sylvia Meiergerd of West Point received a purple.

Cuming County 4-H members have been busy creating exhibits and practicing a wide variety of skills. Fremont 4-H Expo is their first opportunity to have exhibits evaluated and show what they have learned.

Cuming County members winning medals were:

Gold Medals

Samantha Linder    You’re the Chef    Tower Cinnamon Rolls

Samantha Linder    Foodworks          Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Grace Meiergerd    Steam Clothing 2   Navy Romper

Alexis Wuestewald  Food Preservation  Lifetime Bowling Poster

Brooke Meister     Quilt Quest        Quilt Quest

Peri Guenther      Six Easy Bites     Cowboy Cookies

Alexis Wuestewald  Photography Unit 2 Lighting Exhibit


Jordan Howell      FastFoods          Recipe File

Ronnie Petersen    Citizenship        Public Adventure


Silver Medals

Felicity Vargo     Tasty Tidbits      Foam Cake Jell Roll

Samantha Linder    You’re the Chef    White Bread

Jordan Howell      Food Preservation  Bowling Poster

Alexis Wuestewald  Photography Unit 2 Manual Exhibit


Faith Peatrowsky   Heritage-Level 1   Glass Angle

Cuming Count had 15 non-livestock exhibitors who exhibited 96 entries at the Fremont 4-H Expo.  Complete results are as follows:

Andi Guenther: Purple: Coffee Cake

Jordan Howell: Purple: Lightin Exhibit-Print-Rule of Thirds: Blue: golden triangle-filter TV; original acrylic painting;

Samantha Linder:  Purple:  Set of 3 pillows; Cinnamon Swirl Bread; Heritage story about dress and rings x2; pillowcase; clover dinner rolls; patriotic watering can; quilt; strawberry rhubarb pie; blue eyelet dress; northern pike display board; flowering African violet; foliage wandering jew; tie blanket service project; Blue: white bread; promo poster-reel in success-join 4-H; Red: Hanging Christmas cactus; dahlia x2; petunia; marigold; White: impatiens

Landre Loskee: Purple: Babysitting Clinic

Grace Meiergerd:  Blue: zipper pouch; Hen & Chicks; pick and green pillow case mushroom garden decor

Lily Meiergerd: Purple: pillowcase; Blue: pink teal barn quilt; Lemon pillowcase; mushroom garden décor; Gray, blue, purple barn quilt

Sylvia Meiergerd:  Purple:  Cross frame wall hanging; Blue: Mushroom garden décor; pillowcase; Red: Hen & Chicks

Saige Miserez: Purple: Bedcover quilt; Blue: Glass picture; droplet picture

Katrina Moyer: Blue: simple top

Josephine Moyer: Blue: teal skirt; Red: shirt

Claire Paasch: Purple: popcorn flower recycled; glass angle; bowling ball set; Blue: Pine Cone Wreath; Garden gazing ball

Faith Peatrowsky:  Purple:  3D Accessory

Ronny Petersen: Purple: Foliage Wandering Jew; patchwork pillow; display “channel cat”; outdoor bird education (hawks) display; pumpkin chocolate chip bread

Alexis Wuestewald: Purple: infinity scarf; recipe file; dandelion string art Blue:  Accessory 2D Acrylic Painting;

Felicity Vargo:  Purple: Cookies; Infinity Scarf; pillowcase; jar vegetable or meat exhibit; peach mango tomato salsa jar; pickles; fruit jar;   Blue: Coffee Cake Torte; Unique Baked project; jelly x2; 3 jar pickled exhibit; 3 year vegetable exhibit; 3 year fruit exhibit; horse quilt; Red: quick dinner; 3 jar tomato exhibit; food presentation poster;


Ryan Wuestewald: Participant: Space Art and Tree Blossom Art 


SOURCE:  Melissa Nordboe, Extension Assistant

RELEASE DATE:  July 17, 2017

 Cuming County 4-H Livestock Members Excel at the Fremont 4-H Expo

Cuming County 4-H members had another very successful year exhibiting their livestock at the 87th Annual Fremont 4-H Expo held July 12-15, 2017 at Christensen Field in Fremont, according to the UNL Extension Assistant, Melissa Nordboe.

In the Beef Show, Hunter Uhing of West Point exhibited the Reserve Champion Breeding Angus Heifer. In the Commercial Breeding Beef class, Jack Ritter of Beemer, took Reserve Champion with his heifer. Logan Buhrman of Wisner, took home Reserve Champion with his AOB heifer as well as Reserve Champion in Simmental. In showmanship, Megan Schroeder of Wisner was awarded Champion in the senior class. In intermediate, Cassidee Stratman of West Point was champion and Logan Buhrman was Reserve. Finally in junior showmanship, Carter Stratman of West Point took home Reserve Champion and Jack Ritter took home third place. In Market Beef, Cassidee Stratman of West Point took home Champion Market Heifer and Hayden Schroeder of Wisner took home Reserve. In the Crossbred Steer/Heavy Weight Division, Cade Stratman of West Point was Champion and Carter Stratman was Reserve. Also, Cade Stratman took home Champion Market Steer. In the Feeder Steer class, Reece Snodgrass of West Point took home Reserve Champion.

In the swine show, Blake Guenther of West Point took home the silver medal and Kiley Guenther of West Point took home bronze in senior showmanship. In intermediate showmanship, Levi Schiller of Scribner received silver and Anna Karnopp of Oakland received bronze. In junior showmanship, Josie Ritter of Beemer received bronze.

In Purebred Breeding Gilts, Champion was awarded to Kiley Guenther of West Point and Reserve went to Megan Schroeder. In Crossbred Breeding Gilts, Anna Karnopp of Oakland took home Champion and Paige Schroeder of Fremont took home Reserve. In Progress Gilts, Erin Doernemann of Fremont took home Champion and Jack Ritter of Beemer took home Reserve. In the Market Barrow class, Blake Guenther of West Point took home Reserve Champion.

In the Meat Goat Show, Payton Schiller of Scribner took home Champion followed by Levi Schiller with Reserve. In junior showmanship, Kyle Rehak of Wisner took home Champion, Kadence Blum of Norfolk received Reserve and Ian Schiller of Scribner receiving bronze.

In the Horse Show, Kyle Rehak of Wisner was Champion in Junior Showmanship. In Western Pony Pleasure, Kyle Rehak was Champion. In Western Pleasure in the senior class, Payton Schiller of Scribner was Champion. In the Western Horsemanship junior class, Landon Hasenkamp of Beemer received Reserve followed by Kyle Rehak of Wisner with bronze.

In the Rabbit Show, Austin Kamm of Lincoln received bronze in the Junior Showmanship. In the FUR Class, Emerson Bellar of Wisner received Reserve Champion.

In the Sheep Show, Megan Schroeder of Wisner received Champion in senior showmanship. Megan Schroeder was also Champion in AOB Market Lamb. In the Suffolk Market Lamb, Kennedie Ott of Wisner was Champion and Tymarie Ott of Wisner was Reserve Champion. In Natural Market Lamb (81-120), Megan Schroeder of Wisner was Champion.

In the Dairy Show, Samantha Chapman of Bancroft was Champion in the Intermediate Showmanship – 12-14 years old. In the Guernsey – Winter Calf, Samantha Chapman was Champion and also received Reserve for her Spring Yearling. 

Here is a listing of all of the shows that Cuming County 4-Hers participated in:

Poultry Show

Junior Showmanship

Blue:  Myles Dinslage, West Point 

Rabbit Show

American Fuzzy Lop

Purple:  Alexis Wuestewald, West Point


Purple:  Austin Kamm, Lincoln x2


Purple:  Emerson Bellar, Wisner

Holland Lop

Purple:  Alexis Wuestewald, West Point; Myles Dinslage, West Point

Mini Lop

Purple:  Emerson Bellar, Wisner

Mini Rex

Blue:  Jordan Leland, West Point

Mini Satin

Purple:  Evie Schlickbernd, West Point x4

Netherland Dwarf

Purple:   Landree Loseke, Wisner; Evie Schlickbernd, West Point

Blue:  Myles Dinslage, West Point; Landree Loseke, Wisner

Fur Class

Purple:  Evie Schlickbernd, West Point; Emerson Bellar, Wisner

Blue:  Myles Dinslage, West Point; Jordan Leland, West Point; Alexis Wuestewald, West Point

Sheep Show

AOB Breeding Ewes

Purple:  Caleb Rehak, Wisner

Commercial Ewe Lambs

Purple:  Eli Blum, Norfolk; Kadence Blum, Norfolk

Commercial Yearling Ewes

Purple:  Eli Blum, Norfolk; Kadence Blum, Norfolk

Senior Showmanship

Purple:  Megan Schroeder, Wisner

Blue:   Caleb Rehak, Wisner

Intermediate Showmanship

Purple:  Eli Blum, Norfolk; Kennedie Ott, Wisner

Blue: Tymarie Ott, Wisner; Jordan Leland, West Point

Junior Showmanship

Kadence Blum, Norfolk; Walker Ott, Wisner; Katie Groth, Beemer

AOB Market Lambs

Purple:  Megan Schroeder, Wisner

White Influence Market Lamb 110-117

Blue:  Rachel Groth, Beemer; Jordan Leland, West Point; Katie Groth, Beemer

White Influence Market Lamb 118-136

Purple:  Kadence Blum, Norfolk

Hampshire Market Lambs 101-109

Purple: Kadence Blum, Norfolk

Hampshire Market Lambs 112-125

Purple:  Caleb Rehak, Wisner

Blue:  Eli Blum, Norfolk

Hampshire Market Lambs 127-155

Purple:  Tymarie Ott, Wisner

Suffolk Market Lambs

Purple:  Kennedie Ott, Wisner; Tymarie Ott, Wisner

Natural Market Lambs 81-120

Purple:  Tymarie Ott, Wisner; Megan Schroeder, Wisner

Crossbred Market Lambs 71-99

Purple:  Rachel Groth, Beemer

Blue:  Katie Groth, Beemer

Crossbred Market Lambs 104-112

Purple:  Kadence Blum, Norfolk

Crossbred Market Lambs 113-118

Purple:  Walker Ott, Wisner

Blue:  Eli Blum, Norfolk

Crossbred Market Lambs 119-123

Purple:  Kennedie Ott, Wisner x2

Crossbred Market Lambs 125-134

Blue:  Walker Ott, Wisner

Crossbred Market Lambs 135-168

Blue:  Eli Blum, Norfolk; Walker Ott, Wisner

Horse Show

Senior Showmanship

Purple:  Payton Schiller, Scribner

Junior Showmanship

Purple: Kyle Rehak, Wisner; Landon Hasenkamp, Beemer

Western Pony Pleasure

Purple:  Kyle Rehak, Wisner

Western Pleasure – Senior

Purple:  Payton Schiller, Scribner

Western Pleasure – Junior

Red:  Landon Hasenkamp, Beemer

Western Horsemanship - Senior

Red:  Payton Schiller, Scribner

Western Horsemanship – Junior

Purple: Landon Hasenkmap, Beemer; Kyle Rehak, Wisner

Swine Show

Senior Showmanship

Purple:  Megan Groth, Beemer; Erin Doernemann, Fremont; Blake Guenther, West Point; Colby Heller, Pilger; Jamie Plagge, West Point; Megan Schroeder, Wisner; Kiley Guenther, West Point

Intermediate Showmanship

Purple: Rachel Groth, Beemer; Levi Schiller, Scribner; Owen Heller, Pilger; Anna Karnopp, Oakland; Emma Heller, Pilger

Junior Showmanship

Purple:  Ava Karnopp, Oakland; Hayden Schroeder, Wisner; Jack Ritter, West Point; Josie Ritter, West Point; Katie Groth, Beemer; Skylar Kaup, West Point

Purebred Breeding Gilts (208-235)

Purple:  Kiley Guenther, West Point; Megan Schroeder, Wisner

Crossbred Breeding Gilts (153-220)

Purple:  Anna Karnopp, Oakland

Blue:  Owen Heller, Pilger

Crossbred Breeding Gilts (234-278)

Purple:  Megan Schoreder, Wisner

Progress Gilts (141-178)

Purple:  Colby Heller, Pilger

Blue:  Megan Groth, Beemer; Katie Groth, Beemer

Progress Gilts (180-200)

Purple:  Erin Doernemann, Fremont; Kiley Gurenther, West Point; Owen Heller, Pilger

Progress Gilts (203-213)

Purple:  Ava Karnopp, Oakland

Progress Gilts (217-228)

Purple:  Jack Ritter, West Point x2; Anna Karnopp, Oakland; Levi Schiller, Scribner

Blue:  Rachel Groth, Beemer

Market Gilts (230-242)

Purple:  Erin Doernemann, Fremont; Josie Ritter, West Point

Blue:  Megan Groth, Beemer

Market Gilts (243-287)

Purple:  Jamie Plagge, West Point

Progress Barrows (137-178)

Purple:  Emma Heller, Pilger x2

Progress Barrows (180-193)

Purple:  Anna Karnopp, Oakland; Emma Heller, Pilger; Ethan Harstick, West Point

Progress Barrows (194-211)

Purple:  Colby Heller, Pilger; Katie Groth, Beemer; Levi Schiller, Scribner

Progress Barrows (215-222)

Purple:  Kiley Guenther, West Point; Rachel Groth, Beemr

Progress Barrows (223-229)

Purple: Josie Ritter, West Point; Owen Heller, Pilger; Erin Doernemann, Fremont

Market Barrows (231-243)

Purple:  Jack Ritter, West Point; Jamie Plagge, West Point

Market Barrows (246-255)

Purple:  Blake Guenther, West Point x2; Skylar Kaup, West Point

Market Barrows (259-279)

Purple:  Hayden Schroeder, Wisner; Ava Karnopp, Oakland

Beef Show


Purple:  Hunter Uhing, West Point


Purple:  Jack Ritter, West Point

AOB Born January and March 2016

Purple:  Logan Buhrman, Wisner

Blue:  Paige Schroeder, Fremont

Red:  Chelsey Harstick, West Point

Simmental – Born Janury and April 2016

Purple:  Logan Buhrman, Wisner

Senior Showmanship

Purple:  Megan Schroeder, Wisner

Intermediate Showmanship

Purple:  Logan Buhrman, Wisner; Evie Schlickbernd, West Point;

Cassidee Stratman, West Point

Red:  Emily Harstick, West Point; Kaleb Hasenkamp, Beemer; Chelsey Harstick, West Point

Junior Showmanship

Purple:  Cade Stratman, West Point; Hayden Schroeder, Wisner; Jack Ritter, West Point; Carter Stratman, West Point

Blue:  Landon Hasenkamp, Beemer

Market Heifer

Purple:  Hayden Schroeder, Wisner; Evie Schlickbernd, West Point x2; Cassidee Stratman, West Point;

Blue:  Landon Hasenkamp, Beemer; Kaleb Hasenkamp, Beemer

Red:  Jack Ritter, West Point

Crossbred Steer/Heavy Weight Division

Purple:  Cade Stratman, West Point; Carter Stratman, West Point

Blue:  Emily Harstick, West Point; Megan Schroeder, Wisner

Feeder Steers

Purple:  Reece Snodgrass, West Point

Feeder Heifers

Red:  Hunter Uhing, West Point


SOURCE:  Melissa Nordboe, Extension Assistant

RELEASE DATE:  July 17, 2017