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Aphids Attacking Daylilies
Daylilies in Buter County are currently being invaded by aphids. Learn to identify Daylily aphids and control measures.

Nebraska Noxious Weeds

"Noxious weeds compete with crops, rangeland, and pastures reducing yields substantially. Losses from noxious weed infestations can be staggering, costing millions of dollars due to lost production."- Statement from Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

View the Butler County Weed Control presentation, Identifying Nebraska Noxious Weeds (PDF 10745 KB). Contact the Butler County Extension Office, (402) 367-7410, for EC130, Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska for noxious weed control recommendations.

2015 Beef Cattle Report

Click the live link to download the 2015 Beef Cattle Report.

Butler County Research Reports

Research experiment reports for Corn, Soybeans, Forages and Other miscellaneous projects.

2014 Butler County Agricultural Update

The Butler County Agricultural Update, Winter 2014,  (14720 KB) is available on-line. Topics include:

  • Butler County Producers Eligible for 2012 Drought/Heat Related Losses
  • USDA Disaster Assistance Information
  • Increasing Smooth Brome Forage Production
  • Water Related: Evapotranspiration/precipitation and Groundwater Level Changes
  • Gyphosate Resistant Weed Research in Soybeans-Butler County
  • Delaying/Preventing Pesticide Resisitance
  • Handy BT Trait Table
  • Fruit Tree Production Workshop

Contact Nebraska Extension in Butler County at 402-367-7410 or email for more information.

Introducing "Ag Transitions"

We would like to introduce you to AgTransitions. Developed by the Center for Farm Financial Management and a nationally known team of educators, AgTransitions provides a means for farm and ranch families to develop a written transition plan on the web.

AgTransitions is built on the same framework as its companion product, the AgPlan business planning tool. AgTransitions provides users with a built in "curriculum" in the form of an outline for sections that might be included in a plan, tips for each section, web resources, and worksheets. Most importantly, it allows family members to communicate with each other and outside reviewers (like you) as they develop their plan. AgTransitions is not intended to replace farm succession planning workshops. Rather, it provides a means for producers to put what they have learned into action while allowing you, as an educator, to follow-up on their progress.

For a quick overview of AgTransitions, go to the AgTransitions Website and watch the introductory video on the home page.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the AgTransitions development team:

  • John Baker, Beginning Farmer Center, Iowa State University
  • Laurie Dickinson, Only Connect, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Dave Goeller, University of Nebraska
  • Marsha Goetting, Montana State University
  • Gary Hachfeld, University of Minnesota
  • Jeff Johnson, Texas Tech University
  • Steve Richards, Farm Credit East
  • Mike Sciabarrasi, University of New Hampshire
  • Jeff Tranel, Colorado State University

The CFFM team included Dale Nordquist, Jeff Reisdorfer, Kevin Klair and Bob Craven. AgTransitions was developed with grant funding provided by the North Central, Northeast, and Western Risk Management Education Centers.

H1N1 Influenza

Human cases of influenza A (H1N1) - commonly referred to as swine flu - have been identified in several states and in other countries. This is a new influenza A virus that has not been identified in people before, and human-to-human transmission of the virus appears to be ongoing. For science-based facts you should know, go to:

* Extension's Disaster Education Network Web Page on H1N1

* USDA's Frequently Asked Questions on influenza A (H1N1)

* Nebraska's Department of Health and Human Services

* Spanish Language information from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

* IANR news release: Swine Flu Not Related to Agriculture, Swine

2016 Butler County Fair

July 19-24, 2016!

The 2015 4-H Fairbook and 2015 Open Class Fairbook are available online.

New Extension Publications

New or newly revised publications are posted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Publications Web site. Here you can browse our catalogue (use the topic headers in the left navigation) or search for topics of interest.



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African Research Interest Group
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