4-H Photo Gallery

Check this page for all the pictures attached to 4-H News Columns as well as additional photos from some of our workshops, programs, and other Extension or 4-H events!

February 3, 2017

Snow Sculpture Entry

Madison and Gavin of Craig (along with a little help from Patrick, a friend from Kansas) entered the first 4-H Snow Sculpture of the year.

Olivia also helped with the sculpture, but was unavailable for the finished product photo. 

July 26, 2016
4-H Favorite Foods Contest

4-H Favorite Foods Contest participants decided on their favorite food, made a nutritious menu and set a table for one in preparation for this contest.

Standing behind two pretty tables are:

Back row: Ashley, Andrew, Amelia, Faith and Paul.

Front row: Logan, Ashlynne, Eli, Camryn, Karsen, Sydney and Caleb.

July 25, 2016
Clean Up Day!

Young 4-H members joined the approximately 100 4-H members, parents, leaders and volunteers on Sunday to help at the Burt County Fairgrounds cleanup day. Here Brylee and Gracie use the glove method to paint the gates and rails on the 4-H Horse Arena.

July 20, 2016
Fremont 4-H Royalty

2016 Fremont 4-H King, Nick Bohannon (Tekamah), and 4-H Queen, Jamie Poppe (Scribner), were crowned at a luncheon late last week during the fair.  Congrats!

July 14, 2016
4-H Rocket Launch

4-H Rockets were successfully launched by this great group of future aviators and aeronautic engineers on Thursday evening, July 14th.

Caleb, Eli, Layne, Alexander, Michael, Andrew and Colten all took part in this pre-fair 4-H competition.

July 14, 2016
Pie Day I - 2016!

Above: Both youth and adult pie makers made short work of the 99 apple and strawberry rhubarb pies they created on Pie Day I.
Lacey, Molly & Lily Ann and Kim work on the strawberry rhubarb pie fillings.

Below: Younger pie helpers took their jobs seriously at the 4-H pie day. Helpers included Rayna, Parke, Mackenzie (partially hidden) and Lacey.

June 24, 2016
Acrylic Painting Workshop - Oakland, NE - June 23, 2016

The Burt County 4-H painting workshop found these painters in “tree-mendous” form as they learned what skills were needed to paint a tree on a landscape.

Taking part in the painting workshop were: back rows: (partially hidden) Bailey; Faith; Alex; MacKenzie; Kennedy; Riley; John; Ashley; Emma; Katheryn; Miriel; Anna; Sydney; Cody; and Paul.

Front Row: Avery; Karsen; Mady; Coraline; Greta, Alana, Arthur and Madeline.

June 24, 2016
4-H Clover Kid Camp - Oakland, NE - June 22, 2016
Burt County Clover Kids (ages 5-7) enjoyed the opportunity to experience Day Camp on the Burt County Fairgrounds Wednesday, June 22.

Above: Camp Counselors, Cody and Paul along with Faith held up the big 4-H Clover as the morning session of 4-H Clover Kid Camp participants posed in front of it.  Campers included: Caroline; Will; Coraline; Lane; Mady; Ashlynne; Lucy; Parke; Rebekah; Lily; Hope and Logan.

Below: The afternoon session of the 4-H Clover Kid Camp had the chance to show off the projects they made during camp in their group picture. Attending the day camp were: Graci; Linden; Greta; Keryn; Madeline; Brinley and Karsen. Cody was a camp counselor and also a workshop presenter at the day camp.

June 20, 2016
STEM Camp - Oakland, NE - June 17, 2016

Above: Paul and Eli work on their surgery skills during the laparoscopy portion of the 4-H STEM Camp in Oakland last week.

Middle: Cody helps John , Eli and Kaylin with their volcano making efforts as Paul and Arianne wait for more instructions at the 4-H STEM Camp last week.

Below: Participants in the 4-H STEM Camp were back row:, Colten, Cody (counselor); Hailey, Arianne, Elise, Paul and Faith (counselor). Front Row: Eli, Andrew, Kaylin, John, Alexander, Caleb and Garrett.

June 14, 2016

Quality Assurance Training - June 10 & 12, 2016

Above:  Keeping livestock properly watered takes a lot of water and effort if you are carrying it to your animals as these Burt County 4-H members learned. They are pictured with at least part of the buckets they would have to carry to the animal they were assigned as part of the Livestock Quality Assurance Training last Sunday evening in Oakland. Pictured are: Bailey showing part of the 23 gallons of water a 1150 lb. steer would need at 90 degrees; Bryce with enough water for a 700 lb steer at 50 degrees; Thomas with the 6 gallons of water he’d need for a 200 pound hog at 100 degrees; Megan with the much smaller amount she’d need for a 40 lb. lamb at 50 degrees; Blaine with water for his 120 lb. lamb at 80 degrees and Sydney with enough water for a 120 lb. pig at 50 degrees. The rule of thumb in calculating water use is one gallon per 100 lbs. of animal plus more for heat and stress situations.

Below: 4-H/FFA Livestock Quality Assurance Training included a session on the importance of reading medication labels. This lesson was emphasized by having the participants try to identify what was in the beverage bottles by using the information available on the bottle and tasting and smelling the liquids. These Logan Valley Clovers 4-H members resort to tasting the liquids as the labeling was often incomplete. Hailey; Lyndsey, Brent (behind); Elise and Avery take turns trying the different beverages as Tess helped serve them.

June 10, 2016

Adventure Day Camp - West Point, NE - June 9, 2016

Above: Camryn overshoots her water pouring and gives Miriel a suprising shower during the 4-H Adventure Camp held in West Point last week.

Middle: Lyndsey works on sanding the stool she made during the 4-H Adventure Camp workshop in West Point last week.

Below: Nick Bohannon, Burt County Extension Office Intern leads the Helium Hula Hoop team building exercise during the 4-H Adventure Camp in West Point.  Cody helped counsel at the camp and assisted with the demonstration.  Paul & Caleb were in this group and are in the back row behind Cody.

May 27, 2016

NE Regional Speech, PSA, and Interview Contest

Above: Burt County 4-H members competed at the Northeast Regional Speech contest on May 26th.  Speeches were given by: Rayna Hladky, Veona Hladky, Caleb Schlichting, Andrew Schlichting, Paul Roscoe, John Roscoe and Faith Roscoe.

Below: Cody Bachtell took part in the 4-H Interview Contest also held May 26th in Norfolk. For the contest he had to submit a resume, fill out an application and do a live interview for the position of Pet Shop Assistant.

April 11, 2016
Quality Assurance Training #1

Here are a couple photos I took at last night’s (April 10th) at the Livestock Quality Assurance Training in Tekamah.

The Burt’s Best 4-H Club opened their meeting to include 40 4-H and FFA members from across the area for this training.

Above: Wayne Hansen, Burt’s Best 4-H Club leader gets ready to pour his “unknown beverage” for Greta Lindberg and Maggie Braniff during the

Below: Ben Smith, Lyons; Grant Nesemeier, Craig; and Austin and Paige Stammer of Craig try to determine what beverage they are drinking using all the available information.

This was part of the Quality Assurance Training given last Sunday evening in Tekamah. All 4-H and FFA members planning to show any type of meat animal must complete either the on-line training or attend a Quality Assurance Training class or test out of the information. Some of the beverage bottles had labels, others were hard to read or had no labels stressing how important labels are particularly when giving medications.

Bucket Scramble photo: Mary Loftis, NE Extension Associate gives instructions on the Water Bucket Scramble during the Livestock Quality Assurance Training.

These Burt County 4-H members work to get the right size of water bucket needed for the animal they represent.