On-Boarding/Off-Boarding Staff

Guide for On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Nebraska Extension and County Extension Staff

The web links below include the December 2016 Unit Leaders’ Conference presentation, a reference guide, and on-boarding and off-boarding checklists for both UNL- and county-funded extension personnel. The reference guide and checklists are valuable tools for Extension Educators/Supervisors who are responsible for time-critical, compliance-related employee hiring and separation processes. Contact your respective Greater Nebraska Business Center (GNBC) Human Resource representative for assistance if you have questions.

Key points are to communicate with your HR representative as soon as there is a decision to hire or as soon as you are notified of an employee’s intent to vacate his or her position.

On-boarding Checklists

Every phase of the on-boarding process with a new employee is important. The on-boarding checklist provides information about services, such as email, and the opportunity to become acquainted with Nebraska Extension and the University of Nebraska’s resources, policies and procedures.

Off-boarding Checklists

When notified of an upcoming separation, the GNBC HR representative will email the supervisor an “objects on loan” listing. In a separate email, GNBC HR will send the employee and supervisor a copy of the off-boarding checklist to complete together. Email the signed checklist to your HR representative prior to the employee’s last day of employment.