Learner Engagement

Our cornerstone is creating learning experiences that impact learners; do they change behavior or practice, in ways that benefit them, their families, their businesses or their communities? As Extension moves into its second century, we must be committed to the following:

  1. Learner-centered education - meeting learners where they are at and in ways that benefit them.
  2. Being innovative in creating educational experiences that deepen learner engagement.
  3. Demonstrating our ability to evolve as individuals and as an organization to more effectively engage learners.
  4. Making a difference for Nebraska and Nebraskans, in ways they value.

This document outlines our evolving learner engagement concept and the steps we intend to take to strengthen our ability to engage learners in high value learning experiences.

Learner Engagement Audit

Nebraska Extension conducted a Learner Engagement Audit in preparation for Fall Conference. Your responses will help us share successes and discover ways we can enhance learner engagement.


Learner Engagement is People EngagementSeptember 14 | 2pm CST | Speaker: Harold Jarche

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Captivating the Mind of the LearnerOctober 4| 2pm CST | Speaker: Guy Trainin

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Designing Learner Engagement StrategiesOctober 13 | 11 am CST| Speaker: Ashu Guru

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Understanding Media to Improve Learner EngagementJanuary 12 | 2 pm CST | Speaker: Harold Jarche

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Learning How to LearnNovember 9 | Speaker: Barbara Oakley

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Integrating Teamwork and Active Learning Into The ClassroomDecember 2 | Speaker: Barbara Oakley

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Learner Engagement at Fall Conference

Nebraska Extension's Fall Conference hosted a series of presentations to highlight innovations in program delivery and learner engagement. Below is the box link to review any the presentations and handouts associated with all the sessions from the 2016 Fall Conference.

Presentations & Handouts