Funding Opportunities

Below are several different funding opportunities and resources. Please review these resources with your mentor.

IANR Professional Development Funds for Extension Professionals

IANR Professional Development funds are available at the discretion of Research and Extension Directors (REDs) for Extension Specialists, Extension Educators, and Extension Assistants.  Examples for use include, but are not limited to:

  • Conferences
  • Team development
  • Presenter coming to NE for workshop presentation
  • Online training workshops
  • Certification programs

Extension Professionals may apply for either individual or team professional development funding. Our emerging Issue Teams and Interest Groups may also submit fund requests.  Since our more established Extension Professionals have additional funding sources, special consideration will be given to newer faculty requesting funding.

REDs will have full autonomy to develop whatever system is determined most efficient for use of these funds.  You will receive direct guidance from your RED about the process adopted.